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Delores Mod: Indiana Jones

Hi, I don’t know why my posts were flagged and they don’t appear anymore here.

I completed another Mod: Indyweed, it is Indiana Jones themed.
Let me tell you it was not fully tested, so let me know if there is some errors.

The link is: mauisland(dot)byethost24(dot)com/animator/melee/

Somehow the forum does not like the host so I had to write it like that. Replace (dot) by . in your address bar of your browser.

The other games were:, Monkey Island themed. And, Loom themed.

They’re in the same folder as the Indy mod.

You must extract the zips in the main folder of Delores Source, because to save space and bandwith I only uploaded the files that I think I modified.
Thank you!

What exactly did you mod?
If you mod in art from unlicensed IP, that might be a reason…

Can you show some screenshots of your mods?

Weird. It’s something automatic. It said it was spam. I used only art from Delores, and Thimbleweed Park.

Perhaps the various combinations with -weed made the DEA suspicious :wink:


It must be that :joy:
Thank God I changed an easy drug-related gag with the speck of dust at the last time. To make it more family-oriented.


Screenshots would be helpfull before I change my game. Also maybe it´s a good idea to make a backup of the original files to be able to revert, right?

You know why I don’t post screenshots? They would be ‘almost’ indistinguishable from the actual Delores game, in such a way you would not know if I copied and pasted some google image searches :slight_smile:
Yes, it’s convenient to do that on different Delores Source copies. I have a copy for each mod, accidentally I overwritten the original Source, but I have it somewhere else, I think.

New mod here:

Maybe you can know what is it about.
I promise I don’t do them anymore, well maybe if I can make a Day of the Tentacle mod, with character changing and all. That will be the last, I promise. :slight_smile:

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I am so fan of EGA that I converted the SpriteSheets to EGA. There was a little problem with the transparencies though. Some will look a ‘bit’ ugly.

In this one you control at least 3 characters, you choose them from the Options menu.
I hope this is the last one, this is like a vice. :slight_smile:
Also, glorious EGA graphics.

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I returned to the mod making activity. This one is called “” in the same folder as the others. The only particularity with this one is that inside the zip there is a folder “indyweed” you need to extract that folder, and later copy its contents, but not the folder, into Delores Source main folder, overwriting everything. You may want to do that to a copy of Delores Source. This time you control 3 characters: Annie, Boston and Zak. And it is obviously based on Zak McKracken. With a character borrowed from The Dig.

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