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Discourse and the "can't give more likes" message


Edit: oh wow, under an hour it becomes specific:


It goes down to seconds: limit_exceeded.rb


Drat, I tried to like that.

Now I need to check in 10 minutes to see that live. :angel:


Oh no, did you fall asleep? :sleeping_bed:


Not quite, but I did miss the window.

Edit: woot, got it:

(Okay, not that exciting.)



Well, according to your likes list, it seems you liked about 50 posts within 24 hours over Sunday/Monday… :smiley:


Another thread I missed somehow…


Also lately my notifications are regularly in the two figures(just before it was 20!). And every time I check them on them it turns out most of those are likes by @Frenzie.


well, @frenzie has been going on a liking frenzy lately.


you counted them ??? :open_mouth:
(here have another like for the effort! :crazy_face:)


@tasse-tee you’re at 50 likes yourself now!
go ahead and try and like this if you can!


Uh-oh it´s a LIKE DARE!!!


*like button disappears forever*


I find it weird that the badge tells you how great it is to like stuff, and in the same breath stops you liking any more. You hypocrite Discourse! I think he’s just jealous


Well, um, it’s like that pixel collecting thing, you know. #gamificationworks

But yeah, I’m going for the gold badge. I’ve acquired silver. /grins

Actually I reached that silver badge purely by accident. I have been consciously using up all my likes for the past three days though.

Edit: oh btw, check out this badge:


So, uh, still trying to get that like target hm?


Yes… though I just looked it up and I’m still a week off. :blush:


So you’ll stop once you have collected the badge… I hope?


Give me a sign when you´re done. I´ve blocked notifications from you in the meantime.