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Discourse and the "can't give more likes" message




I could give it up if it’s really annoying, though personally I don’t really find the notifications terribly useful anyway. (Particularly the ones about likes.)

Edit: although I guess I “like” too much anyway then? I really only did fairly minor padding to make sure I used it all up. :blush:


Aaarghh! Stop liking me that much. You’re messing up my stats…
I’m really not that funny or likeable!

:ransome: beep you Frenzie!
@discobot give him the f*ckin’ badges all right!!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Stats, eh? Why, what’s wrong with them?


I wonder if other Discourse forums have the same “like” problems… :slight_smile:


You’re articificially skewing them. Just to get a badge. Ok ok, I just don’t want to be liked by a Dutchman. :man_shrugging: :belgium: vs :netherlands:

(Het was te denken dat je vorige posts ook nog zou liken… en dadelijk deze ook nog… :stuck_out_tongue:)


Where’s the dislike button… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Go to bed, you´re clearly drunk.


Or I took a sip from the cup of tea…


Yay, I’m the first to get the badge! :hugs:



If my calculations are correct I should get it in three to four days. Congrats!


50 likes a day?? :open_mouth::heart_eyes:


I knew it! :smiley:




The Grinch´s small heart grew 10 sizes that day.


Strangely, I don’t remember being told I was running out of likes that many times…


Because you are a likeable person! :smiley:




Hear hear!