Discussing the Thimbleweed Park Soonergate scandal

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As some of you have probably already heard, the iOS version of Thimbleweed Park has been released one day sooner than the announced date. This unacceptable, sudden and illogical change of schedule might severely impact the intentions of thousand of potential buyers and cause logistic issues all over the world.

Pressed on the reasons behind the controversial change, Terrible Toybox spokesman Ron Gilbert claimed:

We pushed in live a day early for “logistical reasons”. I can’t say what those are right now.

Source of the statement:

“Logistical reasons”

What are the “logistical reasons” Ron Gilbert is talking about?

Why can’t he reveal what they are right now?

Will the Soonergate scandal mark the begin of the ending for the poor mismanaged adventure game?

Does God exist?

Who invented liquid soap and why?


The first consequences of the unpleasant event have been already observed on Thimbleweed Park official discussion forums, where raged fans and overzealous whiners immediately coined the term “Soonergate” to better identify the (yet another) unpleasant controversy created by the inexperienced entrepreneurs.


(Bonus points to those who get the citation.)

Most unorthodox! Well, I for my part am furious! Furious I tell you! And I don´t even own an iOS device!

Damn, I had to look that up. That´s actually the only film from Rob Reiner´s brilliant Pre-North era where he just couldn´t go wrong that I haven´t seen. I assume it´s as good as the others, then.

Might this be the “logistical reason”? TWP is Game of the Day in the App Store.


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You mean a day later it wouldn´t have been? Interesting…:thinking:

Maybe a day later was already reserved for another game.

I´m not sure if that´s how these things work, but then again that´s not what this thread is for…

Well Played… Bravo!

Hoping for early release on android is probably going to be fruitless (not an apple joke)

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That´s a shame, I would have laughed at that!

These things are planned out weeks in advance (this was not a surprise to us, or anyone that gets featured). At the last minute, Apple asked us to go live one day early, probably to insure that it was propagated before the feature. With iOS 11 releasing today, I can see that.


That makes sense, and I see now why you waited before confirming that!

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