Do you know this German player?

I am curious: do the German friends know who this guy is, and what he did yesterday and today?


Hint: he beat the two top players in the world (in the sport in question).

I’ve just watched the semifinals and I am still tearing off my hair.

This looks like Timo Boll.
A great tabletennis player.

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Yeah! At 36 years old, he just beat the two best players in the world, (Lin Gaoyuan and Ma Long), in the third most important tournament in the world. He now has to play the finals against another German player, Ovtcharov. I hope he wins!

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Great! Viel Glück dabei
I learnt German for saying that.

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Google Translate may not be the best teacher out there :wink:

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@TaarakVakil Try DeepL ( it is much better than Google translate.

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What are you talking about? Ich sprechen like that all der time!

Anybody remember Katzenjammer Kids?

K I’ll check it out.

Hahahaha. Rightly said.

Hmm… Wii Golf champion? :laughing:

@thomas thanks for the link.

You are excused because not German!

It suggests both “Viel Glück” and “Alles Gute” :+1:

your wishes were so ungrammatical that he lost the finals :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry for it.

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