The official sport thread

As demanded in our jogging thread, I open this thread for discussions about sport. Feel free to talk about your progress in water-skiing, the bike you bought or that you’ve found this old Aerobic video from the 80s:


Still saving on the water skis.

Can´t do that but I can tell you about:

A popular german youtube channel uses that one every day for their morning show.

Does chess count as a sport?

Let’s ask the others: Does chess count as a sport?

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • It’s delicious with a baguette and a glass of wine.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll kindly abstain. :blush:

So I’ve got this new motorcycle and now I’m super fast going up the mountains!
Should I post times?

Yes, if no one else complains. Motorcycling is also considered a (dangerous) sport. So, what’s your time on which course/track?

Do I detect a Poe´s Law fail here?


Track? I was more talking about illegal races over mountains on public roads, of course!

But on a more serious note: I started rowing in the gym (because I need to do more for my back).
It’s quite fun. Beside game modes there is also a multiplayer mode on this rowing device and since it’s wireless it works out-of-the-box (up to 8 slots; local multiplayer only).

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Aha, I was right!

Do I detect a party pooper here? :wink: I wanted to gave him a hook for a new joke. (If it’s done right you can top such “dry wits” a lot of times.)

As I never was in a gym and never used any rowing devices: How is the multiplayer mode working? Are you just rowing against the others or is it a coop game?

It’s a race. The one starting the race can either enter a distance or a time and when all people have joined he initiates the start procedure. After a countdown the race starts. On false start it will be retried. Nothing too exciting :slight_smile:

But there are actual games on it too (non-multiplayer). You can throw darts (you hit the target by doing consistent strokes) or be a fish and eat smaller ones while evading bigger ones (you move up and down by rowing faster or slower).

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I fell in love with the rowing machine when I was at the University. It’s very fun, even without the “games” I never got bored of working out on that.

We have one in our building’s fitness room, but in three months I haven’t found the time to visit it once. I hope I’ll manage now that the weather becomes better, the days last longer and my daughters can play with the other kids under the supervision of other parents :stuck_out_tongue:


I went to the gym today. I probably still prefer being outside overall, but I’ve realised there are a lot of pros.

Gym pros
Guaranteed dry
Range of machines
No complicated logistics (like a key in my shoe)
No roads to stop and cross

Jogging pros
Fresh air
Varying terrain
It’s free

I guess it mainly comes down to living in the UK, but I wouldn’t change that.

Your gym is open on easter?


Yep. No classes, but the gym is open.

Girls’ running clothes don’t seem to have pockets!


Pro-tip: Search for “wrist wallet”. They exist in several different models. AFAIR there are also models for the upper arm.

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Interesting way of saying…

I think I’d be worried it would fall out. Or pierce an important vein.