The Sports Thread

Probs not many sports fans here. Hoping that Roger can get it done. The match starts at 2pm BST Sunday 16th July.

Sports fan, even Federer fan (hopp Schwiiz! :switzerland:), but not enough to dedicate time to actually watch the matches.

It’s already enough that I got my wife to accept that I spend two hours a week watching football and, every second year, also a whole month for the European and the World cup.

Every year! Tomorrow in fact starts the women´s european cup and I will probably watch that like I have in previous years.

So, next year, Fifa world cup 2018:
“Big onion frittata, frozen familiar Peroni, frenzied cheering and free burp.”


You Germans seem to love women’s football, don’t you? It’s something that never, and probably never will, have the right consideration in Italy.

Yeah we (mostly) got over ourselves so to speak. I don´t know what happened, maybe it has to do with the german team actually starting to win a few cups, but a few years ago they started to show and promote them on TV just like the men. But there is a long way to go yet, since while most men pro players can light their cigars with bills of real money as much as they like most women players have still to work day jobs.
But they even have stars now, most people can name a few players names at least.and the increased popularity works good for the FIFA that way they can sell a big event to TV stations every year instead of every two years. So it´s a win win for the most part.


Fred wins without dropping a set for the whole tournament at 35 going on 36 – solid.

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Usain Bolt didn’t quite finish on the high I hoped for, winning bronze in the 100m men’s sprint final at the IAAF 2017 World Championships. Gatlin won IMO because Coleman tightened up feeling the pressure of Usain Bolt from 50m onwards, and Bolt himself tightened up through doubting his own form while Gatlin was able to run his own race in a relatively far removed lane.

Still, Bolt is a legend (but not as legendary as Federer). :wink:

Happy retirement, champ.