Any Swedish here?

Just to know… :smiling_imp:
Nothing personal

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What if they are and they just don´t care about calcio?

l need a 5-minute cool-down period…

First @LowLevel now you…what´s it with the anger issues?

Maybe it’s just foolish, but I think it’s because we like soccer very much.
And to lose a match like this one, to lose the chance to join the World Cup, in the way the team did tonight… well… it’s really sad.
OK, it’s just a game, and tomorrow I will continue my life as before.
But tonight it’s the time to be angry.

Sadly, it’s not. At this “level” the teams are a business in the entertainment industry, trying to make money.

It would be a game, if you would be playing in a (small) football club where the other 10 players are your friends and no one gets money for it.

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I have zero idea of what you are talking about because I don’t follow sport news. The only sport that deserves to exist is curling, for the only reason that it’s incredible that a sport like that exists in a supposedly non-surreal universe.


Should it turn out they practised curling at Mar-A-Lago it would still be the least surreal thing happening there.

If you want, I can also enjoy discussing the marketing aspects of the Pro Wrestling industry, even if it is a form of theater and not a sport.

Do you have a Vince McMahon poster on your wall?

I soley enjoy it for it´s theatrics.

In a few words: Italy won’t be at Fifa World Cup 2018 in Russia, it didn’t even QUALIFY, beaten by the Sweden team, during a controversial match.

Well, we are in great company. USA failed its first qualification in 30 years, current South America champion Chile won’t be there, Holland won’t be there either.

As for me, I’ve always been a Germany fan and now, for obvious reason, I’m all for :switzerland:, so I’m fine :smiley:

I think I will cheer Japan!
Everything is normal…

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Well, Japan is always one of my first choices :smiley: I’ve always been a fan of Captain Tsubasa, I was an avid manga reader in middle school and in 1998 I fell in love with Kawaguchi’s goalkeeping style.

So it will be Germany and Switzerland and Japan… and Costa Rica, since I won the 1990 World Cup with them on the Sega Master System when I was a child. And Iceland and Panama, I’m always in favor for the first-timers.

And all Asians. And Africa too, they deserve some chances.

So, everyone except Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France and also Argentina and England :laughing: it will be a nice World Cup.

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You are greatly overestimating my knowledge about this topic. I have no idea of what this tournament is or what Fifa is, even if I know that there is a soccer video game about it. I never cared about this sport.

Unfortunately no. He is a business and marketing genius, though, and revolutionized the industry.

I never cared about football (:football:) but I know what a Super Bowl is :stuck_out_tongue: come on, the World Cup is just the most important and most followed sports event.

And curling is just lovely. “Hey, let’s make a sport where you throw pressure cookers on ice while others sweep ice with a broom!” :curling_stone:

in italian: coppa del mondo di calcio.

Fifa is a corrupt organization that makes the mafia look like a bunch of liquor store robbers.

You only say that because their headquarters are 7km away from my house.

Is that some sort of backhanded admission of guilt?