Does the physical box of TWP contain new information about the story?

I know that a few of you have already received the physical box of Thimbleweed Park and that the box contains several feelies, including a copy of the “Nickel News”, the table mat of “S&D Diner” and a floppy disk.

My questions to those who have seen these feelies is:

  1. Do the feelies contain new information about the story of Thimbleweed Park that isn’t present in the game?

  2. Considering all the fan hypothesis that have been discusses so far, does the new information found in the box give hints about important questions that players have not been able to answer yet?

Beware that I’m not asking what new information the feelies provide but only if they do provide any.

Also, if you decide to answer to my questions, I would use spoiler tags in an abundant way, because several backers have not received their box yet.

I sincerly hope not. If so that would be a terrible thing. I´m not gonna say why, because I think it´s obvious enough for you to figure out.