Wanted: Thimblereviews

TWP is on sale in GOG right now… but that isn’t the point of this topic. It did trigger me however to have a look at the game’s page and notice that the most recent review is dated 31 March 2017.

That’s right: 1 day after release.
24 hours. 36 at best, depending on your time zone.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I do read some reviews before buying a game, just to make sure the average rating isn’t skewed by all-forgiving fans or bashing trolls who vent frustration of a game taking too long to download or is released 2 hours late (true story! Check DOTT) or because they confuse point&click with aim&kill…

And I do check the release date. If all reviews are based on a very first impression (since this isn’t an old game being re-released), that isn’t too valuable.
I fear that this is exactly the case for the couple of TWP reviews on GOG.

So what the GOG page (and possibly Steam - didn’t check) is missing are well-written reviews by people who actually played (and finished) the game, seen it grow and improve (hint system, extra voices,…).

That’s you guys…

Having more recent reviews at regular times also shows there is a continued interest in the game.
So I would like to ask to think about it and for once spend some time writing up a review, rather than posts here on the forum.

Who knows, it might boost the sales so much it entices Terrible Toybox to make another one…


I think you’re right.
I remember thinking something similar last time I connected to GOG.

Eh! That’s exactly why I didn’t write one by my own hand! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It doesn’t need to be long either.
Actually having both short and long reviews serves broader audiences.

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I don’t know how they order the reviews, but if you go to page 27 (for example) of the reviews, it has reviews from:

Aug 21, 2018
Jul 2, 2018
Jul 2, 2018
May 31, 2018
May 1, 2018

EDIT: oh, I think the reviews are ordered by how many users found them useful (by total number and percentage good/bad)…


I even didn’t notice there were multiple pages. And probably neither do most people.
So perhaps we should upvote some more recent and useful reviews too…


But the only way to go to those newer pages (for example page 27) is to click many (27) times on the right arrow at the bottom of the reviews? :thinking:

You can type a number in the box and go straight to any page

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Thanks! That’s easy.
But still I never would have thought about it. That’s probably because the background of the number is grey as the whole page.

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Yeah, I kind of figured it out by chance… they shouldn’t include pixel-hunting puzzles like this on game-purchasing websites


“TWP: contains less pixel-hunting puzzles than this here website!”
Good review. And utterly meta, because you’ll need to pixelhunt to read it.


“If you pointed and clicked all the way to read this, you’re gonna love TWP!”


Aaaargh! I wrote a review, I spent half an hour to write it, edit it, let it enter in the requested amount of characters… and it disappeared! It just didn’t show up! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Too bad I didn’t write it in a text editor, just the GOG box for reviews. I wrote it in Italian, because it seems there are very few in that language (I counted just a couple of them…) I wanted it to be bilingual, but there was not enough space to do that.

I wonder if that’s the reason why there are a few recent reviews, it seems a common issue (I mean just uploaded reviews disappearing…) Check also this thread on GOG community about disappearing reviews:

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It could a cache issue or an administrator has to release each review. So maybe your review will show up in a few minutes (or tomorrow).

Let’s hope so. I wrote the review more than one hour ago. Maybe it will show up tomorrow… :neutral_face:


Every time I do things like these, I copy everything and paste it on notepad before submitting :stuck_out_tongue: I always fear of losing everything


I tried to follow your example, but then I clicked on “Send review” and it disappeared and I remembered your example. Big Me-Fail! :franklin:

Do the reviews have to be in English?

I don’t think my Prince of Persia (2008) review is up on GOG. I’m not sure which other games I’ve attempted to review but I don’t think those ever showed up either. Either it’s broken or they hate me.

I cross-posted it to my blog if you’re curious: https://fransdejonge.com/2016/07/prince-of-persia-2008-a-very-decent-platformer/ (the GOG version may have been abridged to fit some limit though)

Me too (in a manner of speaking).


No, I have seen Spanish and German reviews for TWP on GOG

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French too, as well as Danish, Swedish, and something like Mandarin or Cantonese.