Dubbing the Thimbleweed Park?

I’m from Iran and my team is thinking about the idea of ​​dubbing thimbleweed park. We have already dubbed “Witcher 3” in Persian, and its possible that we will work on dubbing Thimbleweed Park as well. if we want to implement this idea, we will first dub it in Persian, but we may do it in another language later, what other language do you suggest?

(If released, just add the dubbed file to the original game files on your PC)

Just don’t do Italian :stuck_out_tongue: because it’s been done! Thimbleweed Park: Italian voiceover

If you need any help on how to structure that - namely text scripts, automated scripts, files, whatever, just ask :smile:


This should be nice, thanks dude if I need help I will ask

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We have already dubbed “Witcher 3” in Persian

Wow! I haven’t played the Witcher games, but I hear The Witcher 3 has around 60,000 lines of dialog! Did you re-record them all? I’d love to hear how you managed to organize that as a spare-time project!

Yeah! Our team consists of experienced people and we spent a lot of time on this project,
You can watch a scene from it Here


That sound great! I don’t understand the words, but I love the emotion in her voice.

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Thanks dude