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Easter 2019 - what are you (going to) do?

Here in Germany we have sunny weather at the moment, so I’m going to spend the next days at the shore of one of our big rivers here in my area. :slight_smile:

I haven’t planned anything else(*), so I would like to ask: What are you going to do this weekend? Any suggestions what I could do (except replaying TWP)?

(*) No kids around, so I don’t search for easter eggs. :wink:

I’m not doing anything special over Easter. My parents have gone on a short break and come back tomorrow afternoon. If the weather is nice on Monday we might have a walk round the park.

Oh, and tomorrow I get to eat my Easter eggs! :yum:


I’m in Paris with my wife and my newborn daughter. Tomorrow we have a birthday party at a friend’s home. In the rest of the week we’ll enjoy a lazy life made of little walks, cafes, naps.
You were asking for suggestions… if I were at home, I’d subscribe for a karting amateur race. That’s fun.


Wake up at 4:30AM to hide eggs and hope they aren’t melting in the incredibly hot weather here.

Then spend the rest of the day as Grumpy Easter Zombie Who Got Out Of Bed Too Early.



Oh, that’s a great idea! Unfortunately we haven’t here a kart circuit. :frowning:

That’s actually what we did. :smiley:

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I had my parents and surprisingly* also sister visiting. My wife wasn’t that happy because we had to wait for my sister to begin lunch and my daughters were pretty hungry :stuck_out_tongue: then we went to a park where my daughters could climb freely and we just sat there chatting.

On Monday I sent my family to Bellinzona because my sister and her husband wanted to see the castles while we did absolutely nothing because we were too tired. In the afternoon there was some event for children near the lake, but then the weather became too cold and instead of going to the park we headed home and watched a Disney movie all together.

*she was unplanned. I mean, not her conception. The fact that she came visiting, she found last-minute flights for Easter and decided to come. My daughters were very pleased.


Lunch with family on Easter.
On little Easter (as we informally call it the day after), me and my girlfriend went to Capodimonte Royal Palace and Museum in Naples.

This one reminded me of when I leaved from Naples Harbour last summer (Ferdinand the Fourth leaving instead there).

This is called: Men of low moral fiber (and women) dancing tarantella in the pale moon (just kidding)

This is another great art, ahem… I mean chair! Very comfy.

A tibetan buddhist drawing of the XV century (the wheel of the conditioned actions).

A typical old atrium. Loved the touch of the dog sitting in the sun.

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