What should I do with my future?

What the subject asks: What should I do with my future? Any recommendations?


If you aren’t married already, marry, have some children and show them TWP and the SCUMM games. Also, keep on discussing with us in the TWP forums and play adventure games occasionally.

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@milanfahrnholz: Don’t worry, I’m not hopeless/desperate. :wink: (And especially not that hopeless…)

Where do I get a woman and these ch-i-l-d-r-e-n-thing you are talking about?

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I had some children once. Not may taste, might have been the wrong seasoning.


You should try it again when you are older. :wink:

To be serious again: I read the question above on a shirt today and found it an interesting question - in both terms: as a serious and as a humorous question.

@BigRedButton: Marring and having children is the “usual way” to live, but you can’t influence both. Ok, I could adopt some children. :slight_smile: But are there other, maybe unconventional ways/things I should do in the future?

Getting into a patchwork family somehow?

Do you have experiences with a patchwork family? :slight_smile:

the answer is simple as we haven’t finished THE DISCUSSION.


I miss the dramatic music at this point. :wink:

But indeed, I can’t die until we have found the perfect interface for adventure games! :slight_smile:

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Not personally, no. We´re mostly boringly normal at least on my father´s side. On my mother´s side it´s more complicated but I can´t think of anyone from outside who already brought children into a new marriage.

At first sight I read bought … :crazy_face:

Possibly because that´s the alternative you´ve been thinking about?:smile:


Evil Mr. Freud. :wink:

But I’m not sure if a patchwork family would be really great - especially for the children … But I haven’t any experiences too.

Jim Morrison has an answer to your question:


It sounds like you might already have something in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing, but you think it would never work out in real life?
Think again. Pursue it anyway, in some way. You never know where it might lead.


Actually no - and this is the thing. :slight_smile: I’ve read the question and after some thoughts I have to answer: “I have no idea!”.

Can you answer the question for yourself? (You don’t have to explain it - a yes or no would be enough. :slight_smile: )

But yeah, I would really like to do something special, unconventionally and weird. (Maybe I should develop an adventure game… :wink: )

  1. Use stamps on letter to MmucasFlem
  2. Use letter in MailTron3000™
  3. Become Murder Simulator Programmer! :grinning:

Definitely. Not. :wink:

(But a thriller adventure game would be interesting…)

I would say “no”. I’ve never been very ambitious, and I find it hard to imagine my future self and what I’d like to be doing. So I don’t really have any inspiration for you :wink:

Hehe, here’s an idea: write a story for an adventure game, and whatever your main or favourite character ends up doing, make that your future plan :grin:

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