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Editing old posts


I can see Kate replying right now and I bet you she´s gonna say something about fixing typos…


I think when a lot of time has gone past it’s nice to preserve things as they were. Let history be history.

For example I get quite frustrated when people talk about censoring old literature because it’s racist. Just because it was wrong doesn’t mean we should redact it - you can’t change the past.

Obviously that’s on a much larger scale than this forum but the moral is the same. Learn from your mistakes instead of frantically trying to correct them out of embarrassment or regret.

This is probably a bit contradictory coming from a pedantic editor obsessed with typos, but even I draw the line somewhere :wink:


I agree with every fiber of my stained teutonic past.

Why, but that makes you a great autority on this side of the argument! :slight_smile:


We are grown ups (well, mostly) and we don’t have (many) new users. So I don’t think that anyone of us is going to change old posts in a drastic way/entirely. I don’t see why there are such limits for the regular users.

I, for myself, would like to correct spelling errors and/or add additional information that might help new readers to understand that particular post. If I delete a post and write a new one then a) I interrupt the discussion (an important post is missing in the middle of an ongoing discussion) and b) I have to add the new post at the end of the conversation. This is confusing especially for new visitors.


my thoughts exactly!


But I like to ovethink things!


I totally agree: If you write a text, you “miss the forest for the trees”. During writing you are “blind” for spelling, grammar or similar errors. For example it doesn’t matter if the characters within a word are in the wonrg order.So it’s a good idea to come back to a text after several days - or pay a proof-reader. :wink:


i love the smell of burning rubber chicken ears in the afternoon.


I agree with that - so surely the current time limit is long enough? (I’m assuming it’s set to the default two months referred to in the meta thread.)


The problem is, that nobody re-reads its text after some days. :slight_smile: We’re stumbling over our old spelling errors posts after some month - like you did. :wink:


Hm. Price you (myself included) pay, I guess :wink:


But I don’t like that price. :wink: