Editing old posts

Could one of the admins here set “post edit time limit” to 0 to allow us to edit/correct older posts?
We can still delete old posts, but that is a bit harsh.

Or is it a deliberate choice that all of our spelling errors and misinformed statements be preserved for eternity? :wink:


If that were possible I would replace the majority of my posts with:

[post withdrawn will be deleted within 24 hours unless flagged]


This. Discobot and the developers would like to drive us slightly mad. Just think about the annoying messages that we shouldn’t talk too much to each other …

Just imagine a place built for communication that actually encourages you to communicate!
MOST UNORTHODOX!!! :face_with_monocle:



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I don’t think the time limit is a bad thing. Then we don’t have the option to ovethink things and think, “what if everyone remembers that typo I made six months ago?!” :wink:

Also, I think anyone mentioned in an edited post gets a new notification. And it might bring the post to the top of the forum as well. Is that correct?

I don’t like it when people remove or add information in months/year old posts.

Yep, sounds fine to me.


Yes, and that’s why the poster would think twice about changing his post. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes it is hard enough to read posts that keep getting changed as soon as they are published. Something I´m not entirely innocent of myself but I´m especially looking in the direction of @Gffp here…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:rofl: If I has to writ tinks as thei came ot of mi fingers at first attempt, they wuld be so iasy to undersand…

As soon as I recognize a typo, an error or a incorrect information, I usually correct it.


But what about blurring out a spoiler you didn’t blur out?
Or correcting a real error that makes you look stoopid. (not just a typo)?

I agree the use of it should be very limited, but I came across a few old posts of mine (looking for something else) that I would like to change.
Otherwise I will remove them.

9/10 of my posts contain edits for stuff I forgot and/or the obvious typo corrections within 2 minutes of original posting.

veryr eaiy to sme

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If it’s really a serious issue then delete the post and make a new one.

Stop changing history. Make a better future instead.

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So what do you want me to do with Baby Hitler now?


With this haircut? We are all doomed.

So in order to make a better future…kill all babies with bad haircuts to prevent potentional mass murder?

Sounds like a plan.

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:baby: :gun: :smirk:

If he were born nowadays, someone (lower case) could teach him not to play with gas. It’s dangerous.


I can see Kate replying right now and I bet you she´s gonna say something about fixing typos…