Once upon a time... memorable commercials

Across the 80s and the 90s there were funny and original commercials, so peculiar that they are still good nowadays.

Let’s start with this one.
A child missed the bus school to return home. It rains. The only way to return home is by foot.
Suddenly, a meow meow catches her attention…


I remember the music but I didn’t know it comes from the Opéra Sauvage by Vangelis:


Nor did I, until YouTube suggested me the video you posted.
We are living in a magic time, where the knowledge is at our fingertips.
In this era and time, ignorance is a fault.

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Unfortunately, it’s as readily available as knowledge, if not more so.

As for commercials, I remember at University they’d host movies once or twice a month (not sure what projector they had, but for a full-length movie it required changing the roll once or twice). One thing they showed every year were the most funny commercials from around the world (and I gladly paid to see them!). Now I can’t even remember the last time I actually watched (much less paid attention) to an ad.

One that stuck (not from the '90s, but not long after), was that one:


The only Xbox commercial I remember is the one with the mosquitoes:

You know, in Italy this xbox commercial lasted only a few days, after that it had been removed because it was too rude.

There’s one commercial that actually tells the truth (“Life’s too short”) and that one gets banned! :smile:

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This one is very special:

I wonder, why are there barely any jingles in commercials nowadays? Up to the 90’s almost any spot had a jingle and sometimes even a complete song. Isn’t that exactly the sort of thing which makes a commercial memorable?

Every Kellogg’s flavor had its own song.
Especially this one I never forgot:

And this one is from the town I live:

And here is a video of the sad state of the abandoned factory building:
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Wasmachines leven langer met Calgon…

Yeah, that stuff sticks around in your head.

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Very funny!
I’ve understood only the “PIZZA” word, though!

That’s true, here’s one of the most memorable ones, TABU (small liquirice pieces in a rounded case):


Another commercial, this time it involves a can of paint.
You can paint every surface, it’s easy (so easy that even a girl can do it :open_mouth: ), directly on rusty parts.
“Brava, Giovanna, brava!” it’s the jingle that sticks in mind!

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There is also an English version.

Some more nice commercial songs:

When Opel bought the song from Eric Claption:

And I wonder, why wasn’t this catchy song played for the rest of the world:

And Maggi with the knot in the spoon and still with the jingle:

And this was my first IBM compatible PC (warning: video is very loud!):

And when a ring tone has to be license free, you pick just a few notes from an old composition:


Like Ice In the Sunshine is especially catchy :notes:
…wait, did that kid at 1:13 just give someone the finger?! :laughing:

And that Karstadt PC ad is wonderfully cheesy.

Another one
:notes:want het leven is meer dan afwassen alleen

I don’t really remember how Dreft goes. Maybe I’ve only seen it in magazines or something.

(If you like that one, Here is some more of him with subtitles/in English)

And when things are soooo bad and tasteless they are actually funny/good commercials:

(Those two extra dancers :joy:)
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I think it was “Per”!

Oh boy… “because a woman’s hand is made for more than doing dishes” :man_facepalming:

At least commercials were much more laid back, back then. And they still featured Lookie the lion in between.

Can’t find that Per jingle though


It’s possible, but this random article says Dreft too. :smiley: