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Episode # where Gary mentions MI name origins?


I’ve registered to all of the podcasts and can’t find this for the life of me, does anyone remember which one its in?


I don’t remember exactly where I heard it. But are you talking about Ron having a sign in his office that said Welcome to Monkey Island? They definitely had “in-jokes” turned on back then at Lucasfilm.


It was the episode where Gary mentions “grind your organ and head on down to Monkey Island”, I wish I wrote the episode number down last year, but I’ve relistened to everything again and can’t find it.


Well, maybe when @sushi gets his Transcript-o-Tron 3000™ finished you’ll be able to search the whole text database.


you may knock-knock mr. @Nor_Treblig.
He usually can find any TWP information related.
For free.


Yeah yeah… I’ll get back to slaving…


googles for “goldfish whips”


It’s here: at 1:08:30