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Fan Thimbleweed Park board game


A future game developer, without any doubt… :v:

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This is astonishingly beautiful. :astonished:

How cute!! :smile:

Wow :heart_eyes: I love the inventory items.

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Inventory icons aren’t final.


That was an extremely good one and a rare literal lol for me.

Just wow. So much detail, so fitting.

The only thing I don’t like… is the carpet.

Hm… But I’m pretty sure we had those carpets in the 80s. So it’s the perfect setting for a beautiful game.

#latestandgreatest rocks too!

I´ve actually seen a picture of my old childhood home very recenly and there I stood on a carpet that really looked like a lot like the one from The Shining (you know those squared shapes with the reddish, brown and yellow). That was…erm…interesting.

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During summer holydays, I usually make summer camps, as counselor (=a person who supervises children at a camp). One of my “duties” is to make games for children, without computer.

This idea is amazing, I think I could realize it for this year’s summer camp :smiley:

This is realy awsome :smiley:

They were so hard on the knees :frowning: beautiful board game tho!

A co-worker of mine, after having purchased Thimbleweed Park (he says it’s my fault :grin:) , he actually came up with this sentence:
“It should be interesting to make a Thimbleweed Park board game! Imagine: a map, a path, some cards, dice, points to accumulate…”

I immediately remembered this post: a good-promising child already invented it! :smiley:
It looks like a really good idea!

Ron seems to be a fan of board games. So maybe he could do such a “port” after the other ports. :wink: I would buy a TWP board game instantly. :slight_smile:

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I just discovered that this board game completely folds in a “shoes” case:

@RonGilbert, @jenn, please accept their invitation (they seem to live in Australia!), go and play with them, then hire those kids to produce a board game!! :smiley:


As I´ve said before Manaic Mansion initially started as a boardgame concept, and I still wonder if however far that got, if it would possible to get it in a releaseable state somehow.

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