Favorite parts of the game (nothing but spoilers)

What are your favorite parts of Thinbleweed Park?

Here are a few off the top of my head:

The dinosaur in the sewer

The spy cam cut scene with Leonard

Daisy (homage to Kuberick)

Constitutional amendments

Using the kickstarter video as a clue

I’ll add more as I think of them

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I’ll add mine:

  • The first kidnapping of one of the agents
  • When Franklin is killed
  • The police radio puzzle
  • The theremin record puzzle
  • When the two agents pretend to leave the town
  • Making the Edmund Mansion mansion explode
  • When Chuck’s will is read
  • The sad mood of the last moments, when the town closes even more
  • Finding the chainsaw.
  • Calling all kind of phone numbers.
  • Decoding the will.
  • The content of the refrigerator.
  • The use of nose glasses, especially the return of the agents.
  • Climbing up the radio tower.
  • Watching someone else going up the never ending ladder in the occult book store (I was spoiled).
  • Visiting the wireframe world.

The Mansion Mansion library, the ending and reading Chuck’s diaries.

Oh, and “Hello * beep *faces.”

  • Blowing up the mansion, as another person noted. This was so unexpected I had to laugh.
  • When Agent Ray shows her badge to someone and nothing happens and she says, “Well, that accomplished a fat load of nothing.” I loved her flat tone, but context made me laugh more than I probably would have. Because at this point I was completely stuck, had no idea what to do and was trying everything possible.
  • Ransome’s comment as he climbs the radio tower.
  • The plant after giving it radioactive waste.
  • The violin comment.
  • The conversations with Chet.
  • Ransome’s comment when you first enter the pillow factory doors and Reyes’ response.
  • Delores’ and Chuck’s conversation in the factory, leading up to the big reveal (“Like how there are only 80 people in town but 3,000 names in the phone book?!”)
  • When Ray gives the Game of the Year Award to Gary.

Gosh, there are so many for me, I don’t know where to begin. I think most others’ favorite scenes coincide with mine, but here are a few that stand out in my mind as key events in the game, in no particular order:

  • The kidnapping of an Agent in the alley. That completely took me by surprise.

  • Willy’s confession to everything!

  • Ransome’s responses to many things, especially to verbs you invoke.

  • The mysterious cut scenes from the security camera peppered throughout the game.

  • Finding the murder weapon by “pure coincidence.”

  • The story of why the Pigeon Brothers are actually Sisters. I cracked up when I first heard the line, "We’re the Pigeon Brothers, I’m <girl-name> and this is my sister <other-girl-name>. :laughing: That was very clever!

  • Finding the underground “sekrit meeting”. When my character entered the trailer and it started going down, I gasped!

  • Some of the remarks about Sierra (because they are true!).

  • The choice of “YouTube” for the name of the bakery – and returning to it later and finding the sign updated!!! I thought at first it was just a throwaway gag in the dialog, but now I can’t play the game and choose a different name ever. That was brilliant!

  • The so-called chainsaw of disappointment and the constant prodding not to get too excited. Even when I was about to use it, I kept imagining that it will somehow fail and the game would tell me, “I told you not to get excited.” Imagine my surprise when it actual worked! Great job on that.

  • Doug and his “Diggin’!” remark as you walk throughout the mansion. My wife and I repeated that line over and over as we walked throughout the rest of the game.

  • Very specifically, not the ending.

  • The Sheriff, Coroner, and Hotel Manager all being the same actor with different verbal ticks. That was funny.

  • The Hotel Manager’s line, “How can I be-a-boo of service?” That cracked me up every time.

And I’m sure many more… :slightly_smiling_face:



In my game she’s gives it to Ron so it must be randomly selected, I wonder if David is in there too.
I also liked in that scene when she called Ron a nerd. The actor that played Rey had some great delivery.

I was wondering about that, actually. I know that Gary and David switch off at the convention table during the game, but I didn’t know if it was random during the ending too. (Gary was there in both games I played.) I never did see Ron; maybe I didn’t go to the convention enough times. :slight_smile:

Yes, he is. The character changes every time you enter the room again.

If you want to give the award to a specific developer, just exit and re-enter the convention room several times until that specific developer appears.

Am I the only one who entered and exited the ThimbleCon room just to see Ron, David, Gary switching on their stand? :smiley:

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LOL…I actually didn’t realize until my second playthrough that they switch off. I guess I just passed by them for the most part, or I just happened to always catch Gary whenever I did decide to talk to whoever was at the table. :wink:

My absolute favorite part is the Ransome lookalike contest. It has a great The Simpsons vibe in it, with those mediocre lookalikes and their poor jokes that get praised while the real Ransome gets bashed :smiley:

I really laughed out loud all the time during that part.


I loved some subtle things:

  • The overtly Twin Peaks-esque music in the hotel - almost my favourite thing
  • Cassie blanking Delores when she mentions being at school together
  • The total lack of explanation for $AGENT blacking out mid-game
  • The way Ransome keeps tripping over the abandoned stilts years later (if you push the mime over)

Who am I kidding. I loved some extremely un-subtle things as well - the variety and range of the game’s humour is beautiful.

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I love how :ransome: breaks the fourth wall to insult me when I “ask” him to do stuff.

For instance, I cracked up when I tried to get him to enter the Big Top through the main entrance and he exclaimed something like, “I can’t enter through there like a pleb, you moron!”

Or when he says things like, “*beep* you! I’m not touching that!”


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Oh, and I just remember two of my favorite lines in the game, both from :ransome: during his insult show:


You’re all a bunch of in-breds. I know, I’ve seen the Sheriff, the Coroner, and the Hotel Manager. If that’s not one person, someone has been *beep*ing their sister!


I hope you bought an extra ticket for that mole. 'Cause if it is big enough to ride the roller-coaster by itself, it’s big enough to pay for it’s own seat!

Brilliant!!! And the delivery is perfect!!! :laughing:


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