Feelable feelies in the collector's box

Wonder what they are. But if we can’t realistically feel them, maybe there aren’t any feelies at all?

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Some guesses:

A replica of a tube
Chuck´s Diary
A 7" single of Tuna Head/Inda Glop Oda Krell
A Clown Horn
A Little Beeper plushdoll
A hilariously unnecessary codewheel
A hintbook with a red gel decoder
A replica of Delores notebook with the same copyrighted stickers on front that you can actually write notes into.
If you also backed an item, a replica of that item(hopefully not the can of tuna heads!).
Specks Of Dust (well, maybe)


That’s my favorite. :slight_smile:

That reminds me of the “microscopic space fleet” that Infocom shipped with the box of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” :slight_smile:


I don’t know how they’re called or whether they even existed outside of Italy, but.

If you grew up in the 80’s or early 90’s, those (called “i regoli” in Italian) were part of every kid’s arsenal. They were basically used to visually teach basic math and could also be used as building blocks*.

The unit “regolo” is basically a speck of dust. A small white cube. They could really ship those.

*I loved to use the 9s and the 10s as if they were soccer players (Italy and Netherlands) and the 1 was the ball, and I played pretend soccer games for hours and hours. 8s were used as goalkeepers, even if they were shorter than the field players, which isn’t usually the case.


Definitly looks familliar!

Confermed: I still have my regoli suitcase somewhere. I used it from 1st to 3rd grade (elementary school).

A big rectangular white sticker that you can apply to the entire box cover and draw whatever you want on it.

Say, do you happen to have horns and own a three pointed stick?

I was serious. It would follow the same logic of the in-jokes option.

Which would mean that it was done out of spite against me, yeah thanks a lot for that!

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Jokes apart, I hope that they will put a HaoLinKinYao tea bag in it, so that people can publish on YouTube videos in which they speak different languages.


A 5¼ floppy disk labeled “Thimbleweed Park 1.1: The better ending” would also be nice.

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I have a hunch it would still go something like this.

I’d prefer to find The Secret of Monkey Island - disk 22


I’d like to find a disk to unlock one of the arcade hall games: “Monkey Island 3: The Revalation”.
Wouldn’t even have to be a disk. MI 3a could just be a game in arcade hall when it opens up.

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We had these in Israel too. They were called Bdidim (a play around the hebrew word for ‘discrete’). Same colors and everything; I remember using these through the first years of elementary school, a long long time ago.

Almost correct!