Figment - not a point'n'click adventure adventure

Figment was released before weekend on 2017-09-22 for PC platforms (GOG, Steam).

The graphics look intriguing, music is an essential overall theme in this game.
Not sure if the story is strong, it contains puzzles though but also action elements (hack’n’slash style, but I’m sure there are DeathSpank fans here too!).

Have you guys seen this game and does it appeal to you?

Obviously it’s a different kind of game but somehow it reminds me of Broken Age. It has this esthetics of a book for children. Not my kind of thing at all.

I like the style of Broken Age, and children books, so this explains why I’m drawn to this game. :slight_smile:

Looking at reviews it’s more about puzzle and story than action, I think I will buy it.

This looks very interesting. A lot of detailed and complex game mechanics in the demo, which look very well done, and the graphics are incredibly clean. But I see Nor’s point about it coming across as very targeted to a younger audience. I think that might just be a choice made in how the trailer was developed though. I see lots of good Steam reviews. I’ll have to put more thought into this one.