First Italian/Swiss TWP meeting

So, the TWP Italian Voiceover Board Of Directors (aka @Guga , @ZakPhoenixMcKracken and @Ema ) gathered today in a sekrit location in Switzerland to talk about the project, discuss some roles and other stuff.

It has been an interesting and profitable meeting. More details (and pictures!) to come, now I have to do the laundry.


Arigato, Guga-san! :japanese_castle:


We did it like the VIPs.
Important decisions taken in a neutral country (the Switzerland).
Here is the evidence:


Who r u in the pic?

@ZakPhoenixMcKracken is to the right. (Otherwise he had a plastic surgery…)

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That´s the one I could have told myself. No idea about the other two, though (despite a 50/50 chance for guessing).

Hint? I’m 7 years younger than Ema.

Meaning you still have hair?

Is “the guy in the middle” your final answer? Let’s wait other people to guess too :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope the guy on the left is the youngest looking one to be honest.

Don’t forget that one of them has to be the photographer. So I would guess that the two guys on the left are the same person! Just look at the resemblance around the eyes! They just wanted to fool us! :crazy_face:

I was just assuming their photo was snapped by a PhotoTron3000.

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That’s not a photo, it’s actually a snapshot of Chuck’s monitors. I know, it’s in color, but it’s like living in the futuristic year 2017.

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I’m the photographer, I have a Polaroid camera! :hugs:

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My second guess would have been someone having a selfiestick between his legs. The guy in the middle is suspiciously smiling as if that were the case…


I’m really shit at guessing people’s ages, but before I had that hint I assumed Guga was the one in the middle for some reason.

It’s a good pic though :slight_smile:


It´s nice to put faces to peoples names in any case.

Here is a current picture of me:


facial hair inaccurate


I thought your fingers would be longer.

Why, because I´m such a fast typer? :crazy_face:

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I would guess a fingersmith (in German: Langfinger…).