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TWP Italian Dubbing Project - updates

Since @milanfahrnholz was wondering about the state of the project, I thought you might like an update (also because the Italians need to retake control of the forum’s leadership).

We started the recordings! We now have a complete sentence set for Reyes (voiced by @ZakPhoenixMcKracken ) and Ransome (voiced by @Guga). Those need to be cut, polished and approved (we need to re-listen to them and re-do the bad takes, if we need to retake just one out of 10 it will be a victory in my opinion). Ray (voiced by a friend of mine) is currently recording and we really hope we can get Delores (voiced by my wife) to start soon. While we don’t have recordings yet for Franklin (voiced by @Ema), his part is way shorter, so it will be ready soon.

As for the minor characters, Leonard (voiced by a colleague of Zak) is almost 100% done - we just need to cut and polish a handful of sentences that needed to be retaken. We have a complete recording for Virgil Maleghost (voiced by Ema) and Teddy the Hotel Kid (voiced by an actual kid, friend of Zak I think, I can’t remember). We also have a complete recording for Cassie (voiced by my sister) but it’s quite disappointing and she agreed she’ll send another take because she has way more potential.

Oh, and we have a 100% ready Fujico, the Japanese businessman, voiced by @milanfahrnholz, as well as a complete Boris (voiced by @AndreKraemer) for which we need to retake a handful of sentences.

As for the other forumers, @Gffp gave us a wonderful sample for Carney Joe - we hope he can give us the full recording soon - and we’re waiting for @cvalenti to try out some parts (like the Dragon, which was voiced by me in the demo, but since I’ll be Ransome and we already have a full Lookalike2 by me again, we’d rather not have too much Guga in the same scene - you can’t handle too much Guga :sunglasses:). And @seguso will be our Doug :smiley:

New updates as soon as we hit another milestone, like a new complete playable character or a handful of minor characters :slight_smile:


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