For those who've completed the game, what was the hardest puzzle?

I agree, this really really threw me off. Logically, it would have to work, but it didn’t so I was wondering if the game was broken. Since I really got it as fast as it came out, I thought it was entirely posible.


In my case, it might be the wrench puzzle. It’s kind of ironic, seeing the notorious monkey wrench puzzle from MI2. :smiley:
In hindsight, it appears fair to me, but back when I was playing the game, I didn’t even notice that the guy in the hotel didn’t call the Pigeons, so I didn’t give him their business card.

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Ugh, the crystal!! I was completely stuck there.

I had the same problem with the computer language. I kept trying to “USE” the will on the language sitting there, and it didn’t work so I assumed it was not the way, because I didn’t realize I had to pick the language box up.

The only time that it took me a bit of time to understand something was when I had no absolute clue where the secret society “cove” was. I realized that it was in the woods only after quite a bit of wandering.

Also, incredibly, things moved less smoothly in my second playthrough, on casual mode. My previous knowledge of the “hard” puzzles shortly misled me in more than one occasion.

I think there were no truly hard puzzles in TWP. Here is what a hard puzzle looks like: you arrive on an island and you see a wanted poster with your face on it. A guard looks at it, then looks at you, recognizes you, and jails you. You think the poster has already accomplished its task. Instead, the puzzle is that you have to stick the leaflet that Kate gave you, which has her face on it, on the poster. So she will be arrested when she gets on the island. But you had no particular reason to want her jailed [you only knew you wanted something that she has; but from that you would never infer that you need to jail her]. And you had no clue that the poster was an object to combine; it seemed part of the scenery and it looked like it had already accomplished its function. And you had no clue that the leaflet with Kate’s face was important either. In fact, it was important not for its usual function, but for a secondary property (what is depicted on it). I think that’s the best puzzle ever.


The barkeeper mentioned that Kate had bought the last bottle of near-grog.

The hardest puzzle for me was getting the wrench. I tried everything to get the Pigeon brothers to show up: tried to blow up the radio tower, opened all taps, tried to shorten the wires in the sewers, used Franklin on the water fountain in the foyer. It took me a long time to look on the surveillance screen. When the guy said ‘Let’s look what the guest is doing.’ I always thought he meant Reyes so didn’t bother to look at it for a long time. Also it didn’t show anything when you first arrive at the hotel so that threw me as well.

Yes! but from that you would never infer that you need to get her jailed. It’s just too indirect as a way to get her possessions.

And yet, (even better!), the game had tried to tell you that there is a general rule: “whenever someone gets jailed, their possessions are put in an envelope”. But it was just too hard to understand that the game was trying to tell you that. It looked like the first envelope was only there to give you a banana, and the second one only there to return your possessions. That’s another reason why the puzzle is so good.

Proof that the puddle puzzle was not too difficult: when I saw the puddle, I understood that I needed to put something colored on it, even before I saw the green radioactive stuff. When I then saw the radioactive stuff, I understood I had to put it in the puddle. But I didn’t have a container. Because I had not picked up the trophy in the beginning of the game. And then I assumed I had picked up everything. So I got stuck for 4 hours, even though I had already solved the puzzle!

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Yeah, there were a few items to pick up in Delores’s room. Some of us were lucky enough to find them all early. Some, like me, missed an item (like Graphics BASIC), and got stuck later.

The puddle puzzle itself wasn’t so difficult, but I never noticed that there was a puzzle to solve there. Maybe it should have been a bit more obvious that I need to find the secret meeting. I didn’t check the pizza flyer again after thinking it’s whole purpose was to get the betamax tape only.

the puddle was clearly there for a reason. no?

Yes, I mean, I ultimately solved the puzzle, but it was more trial and error, not really me figuring out that I need to find a way to get through the forest. At that point, I was stuck for 10 hours gameplay, trying to figure out how to recharge the battery or get the crystal, not looking for ways to follow people through the forest. :smiley:

The battery took me a little while also (I hadn’t found the fence yet), and I never actually solved the crystal puzzle (finished the game without solving it) - I’ve been planning to return and figure that one out.

The check register sat me back a night. The rest was a stroll in the park.

I was a bit stumped by the check register at first as well. I finally took some time to stop and think… how would I solve this problem in real life? That’s when I thought to go to the bank (which of course, provided the necessary clues to continue). I had been bypassing the bank for so long as it was closed earlier in the game, that I didn’t think to check if it had reopened for business. I really appreciated that the puzzles in Thimbleweed Park could be solved with rational thinking and not with the approach of random: 'try this inventory object with that".

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Having a few ‘look at’-able footprints leading from the puddle would have been extremely useful. The ‘Sekrit Meeting’ puzzle is logical, but as others have said, there are too many distractions surrounding it. I already used the forest for the thimbleberries and the navigator head easter egg, so I thought there weren’t any more things to do with it. Same with the radioactive waste- once I activated the Quickie Pal easter egg I figured that was it.

I also wasted a lot of time trying to get the crystal- I wish there would have been some sort of ‘you can’t do that yet’ indication. There were a few other puzzles like that.

But overall, I liked the majority of the puzzles. I’m ashamed to admit it took me forever to figure out what to do with the pocket watch!


I was at least fairly stumped for some time on two notable puzzles that require Push/Pull - namely Ransome’s trampoline to find the joke book page, and getting the book of the dead from Morena’s, by moving the ladder.

The hardest was definitely getting to the seckrit meeting - I now realize I’ve completely missed the navigator’s head and succumbed to a hint for the glowing waste in the puddle.

I agree. The whole thing with the battery and the puddle took me forever. I had never seen anyone walk through the forest, so the last place where I thought I had to walk in to solve the puzzle was the forest.

Another thing that I was never told as a player (or that I didn’t realize) was that the bank was open again. I got so mad when I randomly tried to get in and I finally could and I didn’t know why.