The puzzle where I gave up [SPOILERS]

After 13h 19min I gave up the tension of this past days. I can not wrestle with my mind and this game anymore without help.

I solved almost all the game to this point by myself, even the woods with the navigator head, and the radioactive pool (which I also gave to the plant, and became surprised). I became frustrated and searched the solution.

It’s the jewelry tools.

I became fixated on blocking the door with something in the floor so the door became open or ajar when Star Trek guy leaves and someone can walk in.

I used the Starship in a bottle on the door, the Wrenchtron, the Atari cartridge, the strange tool, the radioactive waste, the beta tape, the brick of C4 unfolded, folded, the aluminium, the paperweight etc…

I also tried to use the floppy on all computers by the way. It doesn’t work, why?

I think the blocking of the door with brick or paperweight would be logical as well.

Or also simply walking in while the door is open and not became engrossed.

So I searched the solution and even then I was zapping the door with frenzy. It would helped to see “door lock” or “ELECTRICAL door lock” on the door. Or that Franklin says SOMETHING after zapping like “It’s open!” since I didn’t realize it was open!

I also became fixated on blocking the lever of the radio and find out by myself that this wasn’t needed, I did it before the girl returns (the theremin disk was already there from another try).

Uff, now the magic is broken, I already searched for help :frowning: I’ll try to finish it without anymore help, but now I’m let down by myself

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The strange tool is not explained enough and is gave up too early I feel.

And the Thimbleweed Con doors are not explained enough before it opens.

And the glass with lipstick at the hotel? What use it’s for? And why the computer at the hotel says password when you zap it?

Well, having said that, I must say I enjoyed this game a lot. Although the different resolutions and pixels annoy me, and that the characters can be offset not integer amounts of pixels with their backgrounds is very jarring.

There are some inconsistencies with the pixel art for the items too, some outlined, some not, different styles…

Seeing the pixel icons with a resolution, the character with another, the background with another and the signs at the Con with another is very disturbing :frowning:

Also, giving the mushrooms to Madame was disappointing, something significant should have happened, I feel.

Also, how it comes that the factory door barely just were enough open to fit Delores with everybody help opening them and in the next scene all of them are inside with no explanation.

Sorry for venting (and for poor English), I have a lot of stress accumulated.

Damn, the key for OFISS was almost impossible to see.

I had to look that up :frowning:

This game is a masterpiece, truly. Despite my minor complaints. It’s the product of a genius mind/s. I hope there is Thimbleweed Park 2 or some kind of spiritual successor.

There is (sort of):

Thanks! I was planning to check out on that! :slight_smile:

I as well thought the apology card for Ransome was for Madame Morena… By the way, what a crazy ending. I liked it and the wireframe world.

The zapping the door solution was the one puzzle I had to use a walkthrough to solve too! I spend 3 days attempting to solve that puzzle (a total of around 4 hours in-game playtime).

So yeah, in the end I resorted to using a walkthrough (this was before an in-game hint system was patched into the game) and my reaction was the worst possible reaction one can have upon seeing what the solution was; “What?! How was I supposed to figure that out?!”. The preferred reaction to using a walkthrough to solve a puzzle you’re stuck on should be “Oooohhhh! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?!”.

The only other bugbear I had with the game was the chain link fence surrounding the pillow factory. Not because of any kind of puzzle solution involved with gaining entry, but because the fence is torso height and there’s zero reason why the characters couldn’t simply jump over it, instead of having to acquire a key to the gate. All that needed to be done was for some barbed wire to be drawn on to the top of the fence, or for a sign to say that the fence is electrified and it wouldn’t have bothered me as much as it did.

It’s a shame because aside from that one door zapping puzzle and the height of the fence outside the factory, I thought the game was very well designed. Still, it remains the best adventure game that I’ve played since the turn of the Century and I award it 8/10 (a high 8/10). It’s a very good game overall.