Forgotten 80s music

Just googled and found Sandstorm. Really good and I marvel at the fact I found a song called Sandstorm on the internet that is not THAT Sandstorm.

Great tunes for this time of year! In the last couple of years I developed a tendency to listen to music that is in complete opposition to the current weather. Like Bob Marley on the first day of snow.

The following one is probably more famous and there are two gazillion of covers on YouTube:

I give this one 8 out of 10 bullets caught with the teeth.

Besides the pop I of course also love all the post-punk and early gothic (aka batcave) music from the 80s. The typical sound with guitars and keyboards are an interesting combination for me.

And there was even the keytar, which is absolutely 80s. Yes, Thomas Anders from Modern Talking also had one.


Since I mentioned italian horror movie soundtracks, here two classics:

Suspiria by Goblin

Zombi 2 by Fabio Frizzi

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Still haven’t seen the latter. But I of enjoyed and
I usually enjoy Italian cinema - at least in terms of music, some films are just bad.
For example Fatal Frames. In parts good cast like Donald Pleasanse (his last film) and David Warbeck. But the actual film was very 90s and cheesy. But the soundtrack has everything a good movie has to have:

And if we speak of Italians and film, nobody should leave out Ennio Morricone. Even with keyboards he was perfect:

My first contact with Goblin was probably Dawn of the Dead:

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Simply one of the best zombie movies of all time, even though it´s cheesy as hell at the same time. But I´d rather watch this for the upteenth time than sit through 8+seasons of the walking dead. With Zombi 2 you get what you paid for.

That´s funny I only watched that one yesterday(because I was amazed to find it on amazon video, since it finally can be legally purchased here in germany). The baroque style main theme is a classic but the film itself always leaves me with that “what did I just watch?” feeling and Bob is annoying as hell (especially in the english dub).

Oh yes, most of them are terrible. But very enjoyably so, because the style is so distinct and the directors usally have no shame (for better or worse).

I actually consider this one of the best movie themes of all time and I still hope Tarantino one of these days digs it up and uses it for one of his movies so more people can hear it without having to sit through the movie it was written for:

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OT: Have you tried Z-Nation?

I have the old Astro DVD. While those usually don’t have good picture quality, they mad many banned films available and I’m grateful for this. I only watched the German dub so far.

Cannibal Holocaust soundtrack is awesome indeed. Very peaceful and a good contrast to the content.

No, but I´ve heard it´s supposed to be more action packed.

I have very fond memories of Astro Video. Recently I´ve seen an interview with Oliver Krekel and he seemed a bit bitter that movies he used to get jail sentences for distributing are now displayed at malls all over the country. Not that they are but for the reasoning that something that used to be a criminal offense isn´t anymore only because “times have changed”.

Bob is really terrible in this. I think in the german version he´s voiced by the same kid who did Elliot in ET at around the same time. So that is obviously better.

It´s a movie I set out fully expecting to hate(because of the actual animal slayings and such). But in the end I was surprised how well it was made in comparison to it´s contemporaries like Eaten Alive or Cannibal Ferrox. Great music but disturbing nonetheless and hard to like.

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That’s just the channel’s avatar. The channel is called Stan’s Previously Owned Soundtracks, and it’s from a dear friend of mine, the greatest adventure game fan I know and obviously a TWP backer (but doesn’t take part in the forum).

Spam time! Be sure to check his own adventure game, called Trve Metal Quest


Oh, I see. My bad. :astonished:

Okay, I will soon. It looks interesting. :wink:

Wait… isn’t that Tim Schafer as stormtrooper Tim? Perhaps @RonGilbert is in there too?
No wait, Ron was already in the real (Ewok) movie…


Razor & Jon Cryer with a beard: Hidin Out

Industrie .& Cold War Mannequins

Eden & Daimons from Italy von rampant in WestBerlin

New Line Scott Valentine

If you wanna liv… Yuck Up, John. I followed Hobb one year earlier and he shut down Skynvet before ging online just pissin on it’s Demo way after he Brought ya Daddy into fruiton Starring in the darkest sequel since empire strikes back by the same Direktor not written by Ron gilbert, but Frank Miller.

Whoah that was Rad, Dude

Will try it out. From the name I expect a mix of Manowar and Mayhem. :joy:

Italo Disco! I :heart: You! That is the soundtrack of my youth! I have a huge collection and still listen to it all the time. :slight_smile:


Sometimes I think that me saw and listened to everything relevant in the 80s and out of nowhere you find something on YouTube appearing like a Phantom Insert…

…like rememberin vacation in Iskia Italy 1986 and Portugal 1987 along Nightmare on Elm Street, Filmations Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe Toys in the Toy Aisles, but Sylvester Stallone and Rambo along The “Real” Ghostbusters not before 1991

Wax - Shadows of Love
(btw, anyone can tell me the Name of the Actress?)

As above Video Link isnt working anymore:

Industry - State of the Nation
(according to Wikipedia: “State of the Nation” is also ranked as one of the most favorite songs of the United States Armed Forces.
This Song appearead out of nowhere after the whole Krim NATO/Federal Russia Affair in 2015.