Framerate cap or vsync?

Does Thimbleweed Park have an internal 60fps frame cap, or does it use vsync to keep the framerate at a solid 60fps? I’m interested in this from a design point of view, and wondering how to keep the frames from ramping up to 500+ in my own game.

It is capped by vsync. But, even if it wasn’t the game would still look OK due to all animations and camera movement being based on time not frames. The reason not to let the game run full-out is that it can starve the OS. Clamping to 60fps is the friendly thing do to.

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No complaints from the 144 Hz crowd? :slight_smile:

And what about the support for Freesync!?!

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Thanks! Yeah, that’s what I expected, I hate seeing a build I’ve made run the frames up to 500+ for a 2D adventure, heck I’ve never owned a screen that went over 60hz. I haven’t tried the game by disabling vsync with nvidia override, but does it use any other fail-safe caps, even if vsync is somehow forced off by a graphics card tool?

The old CRTs had 75 Hz.

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Mine also did 85 Hz. :heart:

Those things look gorgeous. My current UHD IPS thingy isn’t horrible and it’s so nice and flat and lightweight and energy efficient… but <3 the actual display on CRTs. :slight_smile:


I totally forgot crt was 85hz! I used a crt from about '94 until November 2010, I should have remembered! I meant I’ve never owned an lcd over 60hz! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wow, I left my last CRT behind in '08. :slight_smile: Perhaps I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been having issues since '04; I left it at the student home together with the P3 from 2000. I wonder if they did anything fun with it after I left or if it just ended up in the trash.

If I still had it I’d put Windows Me back on it and replace the 40 GB HDD with CompactFlash or some such. And then I’d use it for pre-'02ish games. Alas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Win 98 SE would be OK, but Win ME?? Hell no!

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I for one think Windows Me is perfectly fine. :slight_smile: