Frequently Asked Questions (about TWP, Monkey Island and other things)

:man_facepalming: forget it. I can handle it on my own.

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Disney Research is a dead end in terms of a career? :thinking: In which position one could get up fast into the board?


(not me this time!)


Marrying the CEO’s daughter, probably.

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Mhhhh, turns out he has two sons with his current wife and two daughters with his former wife(one of which has been married for 13 years). I don´t think that is the way to go…

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Perhaps he should use his head-chopping dream skills in a creative way to convince the board to make him CEO, then?


Does one need to be CEO? Wouldn’t be it enough to be head of the license department? :thinking:

Succumb to a deep and endless depression

Because of the first one I read the latter one as “head slice department”. :laughing:


I read it as head lice!


and if that doesn’t work you can always go the “Misery” route :scream:

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That was a pretty decent book. I also think Ron Gilbert should adapt it into an adventure game. :smiley:

And let’s not do that other stuff.

Everytime Ron doesn´t appear in public for a while I worry an obsessed fan has tied him to his bed, demanding to finish the Monkey Island Trilogy, but then demands it to end it to their personal liking. Which is pretty close to the truth when you think about it.


now this…pissed me off…aaaaarrrgggghhhh!!
Do you believe its gonna be updated and on appstore again?

I really don’t believe it’s gonna happen.
I remember somebody discussed this, somewhere.
Anyway, I can tell you for sure they stopped updating many iOs builds ago.

You could try this

It isn’t perfect, but you can still play it that way.

And yet someone recently seriously made the argument that it would behoove Microsoft to drop support for all that legacy nonsense. For real.

It’s interesting to observe how a single (yet, important) recent announcement instantly made obsolete a large chunk of this FAQ. :grin:

Part of the issue is Ron’s comment didn’t age well!

Disney paid $4 billion for Lucasfilm (well they paid $2.21 billion plus 37,076,679 Disney shares), I think it’s pretty fair to say it’s unlikely they’d just sell off Lucasfilm assets. A few months after they bought Lucasfilm they shut down LucasArts development and said they were moving to a licensing model for games - and now they’ve brought back the Lucasfilm Games brand. So really, it seems like this is the logical next step for Monkey Island!

MI1 … 1990
MI2 … 1991 (1 year later)
CMI … 1997 (6 years later)
EMI … 2000 (3 years later)
TMI … 2009 (9 years later)
RMI … 2022 (13 years later)

I know I’ve left out the Special Editions, but for the original game titles this is the largest gap between instalments in the series. It could be that we see another game after this one as well.

As for their so-called risk-adverse strategy with Lucasfilm Games… putting your brand onto stuff that’s essentially 100% externally developed is a risky model in my own opinion. Look at Tales of Monkey Island - it’s a good game, but development was so rushed that it was buggy and there’s audio issues (sometime awful quality voice). I’ll be frank - it didn’t inspire much confidence in Telltale Games to me.

If another developer was to make the next Monkey Island (or Lucasfilm Games graphic adventure) there’s no telling what level of QC Disney is demanding, but based on their TV and movies I’d say Disney’s QC is pretty weak. That’s the part of Ron’s 2018 comment that is hitting the nail - there’s no true value in adventure game IPs if you don’t have a good developer with high standards and a vision. Heck I think that’s why it took six years for LucasArts to make Curse of Monkey Island. Ron had left the company, and the guys involved had to completely re-imagine the IP to make a game.

Thanks for the hint! I totally forgot the FAQ. :smile: (I’ve edited it a little bit.)