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Frequently Asked Questions (about TWP, Monkey Island and other things)



(not me this time!)


Marrying the CEO’s daughter, probably.


Mhhhh, turns out he has two sons with his current wife and two daughters with his former wife(one of which has been married for 13 years). I don´t think that is the way to go…


Perhaps he should use his head-chopping dream skills in a creative way to convince the board to make him CEO, then?


Does one need to be CEO? Wouldn’t be it enough to be head of the license department? :thinking:


Succumb to a deep and endless depression


Because of the first one I read the latter one as “head slice department”. :laughing:


I read it as head lice!


and if that doesn’t work you can always go the “Misery” route :scream:


That was a pretty decent book. I also think Ron Gilbert should adapt it into an adventure game. :smiley:

And let’s not do that other stuff.


Everytime Ron doesn´t appear in public for a while I worry an obsessed fan has tied him to his bed, demanding to finish the Monkey Island Trilogy, but then demands it to end it to their personal liking. Which is pretty close to the truth when you think about it.