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Frequently Asked Questions (about TWP, Monkey Island and other things)


Made by @Someone, improved by @everyone.



“Welcome to the internet and basic human social behaviour! Are you a robot? Take the Turing Test today!”


I’ve added a question about the best user interface in adventure games.


Hey, that was my plan.


And how is it going? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I called it first!
But it isn’t my ambition anyway, so go ahead… and if you do succeed, you can thank me by shipping a container full of merchandise and cartoons and another with Stitches to Newcastle !

Oh, and free stays at all Disneylands, super VIP too!


Yes please!! :heart_eyes:


Which reminds me that I have only a little over month left to get some white chocolate treats to ship to a London Borough address I don´t even have. :dizzy_face:


Guys, guys. We have enough seats in the board. And the more people try, the more likely we have success.

So who of you is most close to the job?

I didn’t know that you are a fan of Lilo and Stitch and that you moved to Newcastle!

I doubt that Sushi will share the plushies with you …

But don’t worry, I’ll send you some with the white Twixies rescue truck! :slight_smile:


Why that? :open_mouth:


They’re for my collection, of course! :smile:
My Stitches are always happy to make new friends.


Because I pay attention! And remember the impo’ant things!


I can be very generous…


I’ll see what I can do to make them more happy. :slight_smile:


THAT is your contribution to #InternationalCatDay ?


Haven’t you got an invitation to my party?


Then the Twix season is starting in Britain again and we can’t sell our Twixes anymore?


Well, the only time I tried to work for Disney I got turned down for a position at Disney Research :frowning: so, not well.


:man_facepalming: forget it. I can handle it on my own.


Disney Research is a dead end in terms of a career? :thinking: In which position one could get up fast into the board?