Fridge magnets!

In the place where I work, we have a refrigerator.
When one of us goes on vacation somewhere, on his return he must bring a magnet.

Here is 1/3 of our collection, subsequent parts will be published next.


I can’t decide if it’s the fridge that is small, or the magnets that are big! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I initially misread this thread title as “French midgets!”

This was the best I could find -


The fridge is big, I had to take 3 pictures to cover all the magnets!


that’s such a neat idea! which are yours?

Only the one in the bottom-left corner (München), taken the day I met Ron Gilbert in flesh and bone.


Ummmm… Where’s India??

Actually, none of us have been in India, I regret :frowning:

Come and visit me some day… If you do come to India…

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I don’t remember from which indian region you come from.

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I come from Mysore, Karnataka… But I am currently in Chennai.

Oh, the south. Id’ love to go there. I’ve been in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajastan.

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Woah! Didn’t know that!
How was Rajasthani cuisine I just love it!

I love it too…
We spent a day in Jaipur with a lady who taught my wife some recipes in her house…

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I’d love to have a fridge where I can put magnets :frowning: my fridge is “hidden” in the kitchen furniture.

Whenever I travel to a nation, I buy a magnet flag for my parents. I’ve always been a flag nerd and I started quite some time ago, then my parents liked the idea and now their fridge has lots of different flags or flag-themed magnets.

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Part 2/3


Remove the furniture instantly! Your children will love the magnets! :smiley:


So it wasn’t you that went to San Francisco, inspired by Zak?

I would have liked to…
That one comes from the honeymoon of my co-worker. He went one month ago. Lucky him.

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Aww, I’ll share a pic of my fridge tomorrow. :wink:

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