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Fun pics from "Turn your computer off and go to sleep!" page


Today, G7 at Taormina, Sicily, Italy.
“N.1 priority: to open the Giant Monkey Head!”

I think we should have a seperate Meme Category
Ron Gilbert in Norway this weekend


That really an easy decision!


Bigger picture from Ema’s link:

(What Ron is saying, is in English-ian-ized :grinning: “I have cut the wires of the blue button LOL”)



I’d still choose it, who knows, it may still work.


Everybody here agree, isn’t it?


Someone seriously needs to remove the verb “grab” from his UI!


Eheh don’t worry: it vanishes after its use, and reappears not before 24 hours :wink:


Twin peaks? Naaa.
Resident evil? Hmmm.
Meanwhile, in a secret room…


Well they did go with Castlevania…looking forward to that!


It’s the twee-nsult of the day. (click on the pic to enlarge)


Seeing Inglorious Basterds gave a new meaning to that quote for me. Dairy Farmers just do not fight!


13 reasons why I’ve purchased at Stan’s used ship emporium:


Offtopic, yet topical.


Legal problems?
The third season only on Netflix, Caribbean area!


  • “You must drive the EVA, Guybrush…
    … or Phatt shall do it, again!”


Younger people could not understand this one… but elders should!


Yeah, I get it. It´s because they were released the same year. But does that already make you an elder now?:cry:


Eh, you know… nowadays, if you are born before year 2000, you are… not so young! :smiley: