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Fun pics from "Turn your computer off and go to sleep!" page


2000! Wow, and I still consider people born in the mid 90s youngsters.


A little bit of Italian Renaissance art…
The birth of a ghost pirate (Sandro Bootycelli)


When Guybrush loves Elaine, but he’s cheating on her with Delores:


In Italy, there’s a controversial commercial ad, where a small girl says to her mother: "Mom, I want a snack, that is really good, soft, creamy, nutritious…"
The mom answers: “Dear, a snack like that do not exist. May a meteor hit me if that’s not true!”
… … SBAMM! A meteor hits and kills the mother.

There are currently controversials about it.
Anyway, this is the remaking of this ad…

“Mom, I want a new point’n’click adventure, that is good … etc…”
"Dear, a game like that do not exist! May a game like that hit me now if that’s true!"


I get they want to praise TWP, but I’d have expected from them the very same scene with the Edison family and a purple meteor striking them :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I’m surprised such an advertisement caused that much outrage in Italy.




Be careful to who is talking to you from the Upside Down!


Real fact, in a graph form. Where people had known about TOFU from, for the first time?
True story…


I think the first time I heard about it was on Clarissa Explains It All and that was quite a bit before that, I think.


Which year?


That show ran from 91´ until 94´, I think it was a running gag throughout.


After the last soccer match, this is the only sponsor left for the Italy team. It’s dated 1990, but still good!


True for me, heard it there the first time! It wasn’t really explained what it is though…





When you realize your underpants have become a meme.


You should be glad that they don’t become alive!



You know, we should have a separate “meme” category :laughing: