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Fun pics from "Turn your computer off and go to sleep!" page


The day you only catch my typos and miss out on my punchlines is the day I think we should go our own ways. :cry:




Oh, please no!









Yes! :slight_smile:

(You guys have to give me some time to change it, an old man is not an express train… :wink: )

(/edit: The odd thing is, that I knew it was wrong, but I was so impressed by @milanfahrnholz’s text that I wrote it the same way… Warning: Milan’s posts are highly suggestive!)


Oi, they are not! Now go on with your business.


So we got a pedantic grammarhead here but absolutly NO ONE noticed my miscalculation, there?


I thought it was intentional. Beside that, why should I correct that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I assumed it was some weird RPG thing beyond my ken.



Math > D20 Rules




Now that’s a band to rival the Gavinners! :rofl:


The best place to make suggestions about Discourse is our meta forums: - there are tons of experienced users there, plus all the creators of discourse.

Some of the things you dislike like minimum post length are configurable, but in general we consider short replies low value. Usually it’s like “I agree” or “Me too” which is better served by hitting the like button. You may disagree about this philosophically and that’s why we have a configuration option.


That we users aren’t allowed to use or to influence … Anyway, thanks for you reply!


Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) moved to Juventus football club. This news is quite important, here, so much that a Monkey Island meme would fit perfectly…

(To non-Italian users: the sentence Guybrush is saying is the insult-answer “And I’ve got a little TIP for you, get the POINT?”
There’s a pun: PUNTA in Italian means TIP but also tough Football attacker, like CR7 is.)


They are strong tonight.


One day we will be able to determine the popularity of the game when people start using “the signals are strong tonight” as an euphemism for “I am horny!”