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Fun pics from "Turn your computer off and go to sleep!" page


I will continue my work of proselytizing during my holidays…
One of the children I have, is the one who dubbed the Hotel Kid in italian. Needless to say that I have a notebook with me, with Thimbleweed Park installed…

  • “come here, boys, I want to show you a computer game…” :grin::grin:

Imagine their faces when they will hear the voice of one of them!

[Meme expected]



Do you remember this… “song”?
(Click the picture to show it entirely)


:pen: :pineapple: :apple: :pen:


Pen + Apple = Penapple … uh … Pineapple?


No, Pen + Apple = Apple Pen :grinning:


Not that I’m any wiser now.



Seguso's Adventure Game Thread

Well, that’s another internet craze that completely passed me by. Serves me right for not following Justin Bieber.

Note to self: know your meme!


When an image suddenly starts appearing everywhere, and it’s being modified so much that I have no idea what it was supposed to be referring to in the first place, I often find this site useful for working out what the *beep* is going on! :sweat_smile:


Believe it or not, when we were in Venice, at the restaurant, Annie asked the waiter for a fruit juice. He listed: “we have PINEAPPLE, APPLE and orange”.
I’m my mind started pen pineapple apple pen :joy::joy:


And this is my favourite version of PPAP, starring Ryuk, the shinigami of Death Note (which loves apples!)


We´re just :older_man:


Erm, I’m pretty sure you’re younger than the one who posted the meme here in the first place. You need a better excuse!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My sister got to know him in person. I don’t know if this is something one should be proud of.


I also have no idea what that whole pie-apple-pineapple thing is. And not tempted to find out (seems at the level of Gangam Style).
Now that is being :older_man:!
No FOMO, yo! :call_me_hand: Word!


Wow, you skipped an earworm of 2 years ago!


But he hangs around a lot with younger people. At the moment you are the youngest person I know!


I’m a mother father gentleman.

But Gangnam Style is a lot better than pineapple pen whatever.


Life is what happens to you
during Windows updates.

PS. Not from the same page of the title.