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Fun pics from "Turn your computer off and go to sleep!" page


Somebody says it’s wealthy and relaxing to let the future baby listen to Mozart… someone else says other kind of music is better :blush:



This is a wonderfully specific meme page that I had no idea existed.


Christmas is coming… classic movies are coming too…


That gesture in combination with that look make Guybrush appear…well…uh…“fabulous”. Bad news for Elaine, I guess…


That would explain why her relationship with him was Next to nothing


I bet he was more into meathook…okay sorry that might have gone a bit too far! :open_mouth:

More power to Gaybrush! :rainbow_flag:

btw: monkey alone sounds a bit euphemistic as well. :wink:


Does this part from Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer remind you of something? If your memory is faulty, play this video and pump up the volume…



Honestly, I can’t see any sign of copying, here. The only obvious thing is that both products were based on Mexican traditions, especially on el dia de muertos and calacas.


In Italy it’s not out yet, it opens on Dec. 28th, but I have watched two different trailers and the first thing that came to my mind it was Grim Fandango


I understand both sides. It is just both based on “dia de muertos”, but I also had direct associations with Grim Fandango.


If you start “Curse of Monkey Island” exactly at 23:56:07 on Dec. 31st, without pressing the “Esc” key, LeChuck will shout “FIRE!!!” exactly at midnight, with all the fireworks!


Today is the “Blue Monday”, the saddest day of the year.
Somebody is blue, inside and outside


This time, there is a real picture.
A picture of The Secret Of Monkey Island’s team!
In the center, Mr. @RonGilbert acclaimed.
Tim is trying a sexy pose.
Hard to tell which are the other team components!
Can somebody courteously tell us?


haha cool photo. the guy on the right crossing his arms looks a bit reluctant to participate in the acclamation.


I’ve seen that picture before, maybe on the page to which the topic is entitled. The only one I’m able to recognize, apart from Ron and Tim, is Aric Wilmunder, the bearded guy on the left in the red/blue striped polo shirt.


It would be interesting to know if @RonGilbert can still name all persons on that photo. :slight_smile:


Where did you find this photo?


It was abandoned in an old dusty desk drawer
The Facebook page of this topic’s title has published it.
I have no idea where those guys did find it.


mix your mojo (and also see how Ron Gilbert enjoys conducting the production of, copy protection).