Thoughts after finishing the game

Yesterday I finished the game and I loved it. It did exactly what it promised: bring back the absurdist humor and great 2D animations of old Lucasfilm adventure vibe without the annoying bits.

Well, mostly…


The are three small things I didn’t like:

  • You need a fingerprint from Chuck and there are shelves he very explicitly does not let Dolores touch. Obviously this is where you should get the fingerprint! But Ray can’t get past Doug and she won’t give the fingerprint kit to Dolores. I wasted a lot of time on this old school annoying false lead.
  • In Chuck’s journal part I there’s a hint about finding the robot manual in the library. So I went looking for it. Couldn’t find it. Thought I maybe needed to do something to the Booktron or find a note by Chuck on where he had hidden it. Then after you enter the pillow factory suddenly the manual is easily found in the library. I think you should be able to get the manual as soon as you read Chuck’s journal. It makes no sense that entering the factory would lead to you to suddenly being able to find it.
  • I needed one hint and that was for finding the Seckrit Pizza Meeting. Maybe I missed something, but I found absolutely no hints when looking at the puddle or radioactive waste on how to use them. Something like a trace of muddy footsteps that you can’t follow in the dark or something would have been nice.

the hint was that people stepped on the puddle :slight_smile: so you understand you need something colored to put in it.

personally the first thing I thought was “let’s put a bear trap in it”. The second was “let’s put some colored liquid in it”

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I spent a lot of time trying to put the fireplace soot on that puddle :stuck_out_tongue:

some superglue would also have been nice. :slight_smile:

I´m starting to believe that this puzzle would be a lot less frustrating if the sentence “Radioactive waste glows in the moonlight” occured at some point in the game.
Maybe it´s on the hintline already?

The first time I saw characters stepping on the puddle, I thought: I have to put paint in it.

After I finished the game, I discovered that one of the icons that were created but not used in the game was a can of glowing paint!

There is a hint that says “Something in the game is of a very distinctive color”.


I´m almost looking forward to the confusion that will cause.:upside_down:

It was a secret reward on Kickstarter. I gave Ron one billion dollars to get all the unused graphics created for the game. Sounded like a smart investment.

I don’t think it will cause any big confusion, because the hint system is incremental and the next hints explicitly cite the radioactive waste.

I think the book is available all along. I remember picking it very early in one play through.

Me too, I looked for it as soon as I read the hint about it in the journal, but had to find it without the help of the Tron machine(that only becomes available when you really know what you need it for), I really found it more by accident.

Something I find interesting is why Ray says Ransome doll was very popular when she sees one on the tree hanging. Since the doll was never made how does she know about it?

There were Ransome dolls during his heyday, what he’s trying to get made is his big “Comeback Doll”.


I thought that there were Ransom dolls made, but not -talking- ones. That’s the liability waiver the lawyer gets signed in the flashback.

Oh I see thank you!