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Funny things you can do and weird stuff

Try to use the radioactive waste on the maneating plant. :smiley:

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I remembered this one: you can give the HaoLinKinYao tea to each of the playable characters (minus Franklin) to listen them speaking other languages in an awful way. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also don’t forget to do the same with Eric’s Eye Magic special drops!

It’s fun to have a game where you can actually once a week (or maybe once a day for someone :slight_smile:) step in the library or have a phone call to a random number and reading/hearing fun stuff from people around the world (for what I’ve listened now italian guys lack a bit of creativity, lol).
It wasn’t possible to do this in the Venice library back in the 80’s :slight_smile:

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Here is something fun. :slight_smile:

I realized that a non-Franklin playable character can enter the room of the hotel guest that Franklin has to scare. Franklin can just open the door so that the other character can enter the room.

This scenario should be something that most players shouldn’t experience, because at this point of the story the player does not need to open locked hotel doors to proceed and probably has not yet realized that Franklin has this ability.

So I was curious to see what happens when a living character enters the guest room and what happens is simply that the guest gets angry and tells the intruder to go away. The character automatically apologizes and exists the room. :smiley:

EDIT: both Reyes and Ray are quite apologetic when the guest gets angry. I wonder if Ransome reacts in a different way. I have to try it.


Well, I tested it. Ransome acts exactly in the same way as Ray and Reyes. A bit out of character, in my opinion.

Yep, I tried it too. Would have been nice to have individual responses to the hotel guest and Sexy Riker, especially from Ransome.

Something else I did during this session was measuring the time the elevator takes :slight_smile:

Yes, the game provides a lot of character-specific dialogues and reactions, so when you find a context in which all characters behave in the same way, it sounds a bit unnatural.

That’s more true for Ransome, because he was used a lot to convey comedy (and harshness), so any gentle or timid response doesn’t feel like the real Ransome.

I’m nit-picking, here: character-specific responses were the majority. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it has been fixed, but you could “break” the elevator and make it go to floor -1 by calling it repeatedly with two characters. You call it on the 12th floor and while it goes up, before it reaches the floor, you call it from the ground floor with another character. You repeat this ping-pong for a while and then you let the elevator reach the ground floor… but the character refuses to go in because “the doors are closed”. If you call the elevator again, you can hear a “ping” that shows how the elevator DID move a floor up, and then the doors open again.

Here’s a video of the glitch.


How did you find the book? After I read the note even with Delores, I cannot use the IndexTron to find it.
Just brute force?

I did not, and I´m still waiting for someone to tell me what´s in it.

It´s not in the indextron but my guess would be that it is in the programming category where you found the Mmucus Flem book in Delores flashback.

But doesn´t the note give a hint on the category anyway? I forgot how the note went.

I found it (I think). Its in section 2.1. At least it sounds like the right one, and has the right author.

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Yes, it’s called AI Personality Generation in section 2.1

Not really, it just says: “For more hidden Jenn-surprises, find an excerpt of my AI Masters Thesis in the library.”.
You have to really search for it but the section is relatively easy to narrow down.

I think it’s quite easy to find. When I read “AI” I instinctively went to the computer science shelf and the “AI” in the title helped me to find it quickly.

Oh, I think I might even stumbled across that one by accident that title sounds very familliar. And yes the section is pretty obvious, the rest is pixelhunting.

Let’s talk about cool musical instruments.

A synth? Naah.

A kazoo? Nice, already seen in Zak McKracken.

A Theremin? Interesting, already seen in Thimbleweed Park.

So… which is the coolest musical instrument at the moment?

OTAMATONE !! (read it letter by letter, in italian / japanese style)


Hey, no off-topics, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken!
Unless there is one of these otomatones to be found in TWP!

If so, I bet it would be spelled like

:thinking: there is no a Hunk-o-Matic in the Mansion Mansion (there is one in Maniac Mansion), so it might be a Tone-o-Matic.

USE tunahead on Tune-o-Matic.

(Yes, I know)


Someone in TWP made an Otomatube-a I’m sure. :slight_smile:


It sounds like a theremin, so… off-topic avoided :smiley:

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It sounds like a cross between a theremin and an electric violin.
Willie T. Wino would love it!

I need to get my hands on one of those.

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