Game suggestions for the (hot) summer

Obvious suggestion for hot & easy gaming: Strip Poker. Should be easier to win in the current weather conditions, too. :wink: Although the last I saw of those was on a C64, not sure if there is a mobile version.

Under the current weather conditions I would try to lose… :wink:

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Nope, that´s just me. :grin:


During these hot days, a water-bomb war is refreshing!
Now with a fast filling mechanism!


Yes it can take very long. You can travel the whole universe and traverse between galaxies by doing warp jumps. If you want to warp jump between one galaxy and other you need special fuel for your warp drive and that you can construct on any planet where you also have to gather the resources for. So that can add to the time it takes depending on how many galaxies we´re apart.

I don´t know, I read something about you seeing each other as glowing lights or something, which would be a bummer because of the customatisation options. But we won´t meet anyway as long as we don´t join each other in an online session.

I guess he could use my portable refiner and other useful stuff, I´m not sure if he can pick up all the portable technology, though. I will have to have uploaded my planet and base for him to be able to find it, but since I did that he should be able to reach it now.

No, that blue light is harmless. :slight_smile:

No so am I. I usually don´t play MMOS. The only one I ever played was GTA Online and I was pretty bad at it.