German Windows Store version exits on startup after "Bitte Warten"

In 2019 I bought the game in the Windows Store (German language), and just came around to install it right now.
Installation through the XBOX app went fine, but on startup, it exits after display an image similar to the one at and then “Bitte Warten” (=“Please wait”) in a pixel font.
The thread at Windows Store PC Version not working (different) suggests this could be an issue of XBOX login. To my understanding, I am correctly logged-in, though.

I don’t know if that was the solution or just coincidence, but after I clicked on “Alle aktualisieren” (=“update all”) in the Microsoft Store app, the game now works.

A wild guess would be that maybe before that update an outdated component stopped the app from connecting to the xbox network.

Regretfully, the issue returned. The game again closes after displaying “Bitte Warten”.

There have been network outages affecting Microsoft services yesterday. Although it seems like your issue happened a little bit earlier I’d suggest trying those things (Xbox login…) again.

If the problem persists send an email to and if you can solve it please post it here (sadly the other thread doesn’t mention any solutions).

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Yes, I was also hoping the Microsoft services outages could be the reason for the problem.
As of right now, the issue is still the same, though. I will try again tomorrow.
I am already in contact with support and have tried their suggestions.
Once I am able to start the game, I will post my solution here!

PS: I just tried to update everything in the Microsoft Store and then start the game once more, and now it worked.
In the list of the apps that were updated was XBOX TCUI. Although now immediately after the update it displays January 22nd as “last changed” for that app.

PPS: After a reboot, the game again does not start.