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Game doesn't start

After starting the game, there is only landscape, flying birds and music.

If I press F1 oder F5 the options menu appears.
If I press space, the game pauses.

Besides that nothing else happens (for hours).

Please help !

Did you verify the integrity of the game files?

Don’t you see the words?

Can you tell me how I verify the game files ?

I’ve installed the game via Xbox Game Pass and didn’t find any exe-files or folders with “thimb*” or “terr*” on my PC.

No words and no pointer.
But the pointer appears as long as the options menu is on screen.

I have no idea, sorry. It’s something you can do with GOG and Steam. It’s a pretty silly suggestion in principle but it’s just your basic “check your plugs” type of thing.

I’ve had to do it a couple of times for Bayonetta after Steam updates. I have no idea why, no other game suffers from that.

What kind of GPU do you have? I read that the new 5700 XT, for example, had some issues with overlays in older drivers (and possibly still, but my wife hasn’t had any issues).

Ok, try to go to the options menu and change some display settings.
It’s the first time we read about a problem like yours…

Thanks for the answer so far !

I have a Nvidia Geforce 1060 and now installed the latest driver ( 441.20 WHQL).
It didn’t change anything.

Windows 10 64-bit is up to date.

I played with the settings, but no result.
I also changed the language from german to english, no result.

I installed other games (Ori and the Blind Forest, Vampyr) via Xbox Game Pass and there also can’t get past the title screen.

So it may be a problem with the Microsoft Store.


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Okay, I found the issue.

I need a Xbox Live account, and the window for generating one (in-game !) only opens, if I am logged into windows with an administrator account.
A normal account with admin rights does not work.

Thank you Frenzie and ZakPhoenixMcKracken !


Wow, that’s pretty weird. You’d think you’d have to do that kind of thing before even being able to install them.

Xbox game pass on PC is very, very underbaked.

Good, you hopefully solved the same issue for all your games at once now and you only need to create an account once using admin. After that you should be able to login without admin rights and play?

It might be that you only entered payment info upon installing and setting up the admin account (windows makes sure it keeps bugging you to create all kind of accounts to simply even continue setting up your windows), while for normal accounts you probably skip all the unnecessary stuff (as we all do).

Basically it is a very poorly implemented subscription pre-check.

I didn’t know about this xbox pass before, but the list of games they removed since launching is quite impressive:

My wife’s new GPU came with a free three months for it. It has a rather confusing name since it’s an Xbox game pass for PC. On the whole I’d say it’s a lot worse offer than the free DMC5 & RE2 I got when I upgraded mine last year.

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