Good bits EXCLUSIVE to easy mode?

I will likely never play the game in easy mode, however I was wondering–

for anyone who has played the game in both easy and hard mode, are there any bits that are exclusive to easy mode that are funny or interesting? I believe it’s basically just less puzzles, but are there perhaps lines of dialogue that keep you from going certain places or doing certain things that are funny and that those of us playing only in hard mode would never see?

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I´ve played both modes (you can pretty much rush through easy mode once you finished on hard) and easy mode just has less (like A LOT less) but nothing more that I noticed.


I just went through the easy mode a bit once to see what it was about and you are right that here is a lot less puzzles.

For instance, as soon as the game begins and you meet the agents by the body, the tree trunk blocking the sewer entrance is already cut. It’s that extreme. :open_mouth:


The location of the Sekrit meeting and the radio station (+ the tower) also never appear in casual mode.

Dolores already has the thimbleberry pie in her inventory from the start. By the time you give it to Brant Bailiwick it has gone mouldy and she sheepishly claims it’s still fresh. Made me chuckle.