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Guga plays Monkey Island



Why Fabio? He doesn’t seem to be a very musical person :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m assuming it was a comment on his aging-skills.

If not, I’m now a tad embarrassed.


But he could be an ace swashbuckler!



Aha! :smiley:


If my first name was “DonJuanMcSexyPerson” I wouldn´t trade that for my last name as a handle, is what I´m saying.


I have no idea who this Fabio is :man_shrugging: the Italian Conan/Schwarzenegger?

And how did you deduce Guga’s name to be Fabio… from a piece of piano music?
Admit it, you’re trying to get this thing off-topic… again…

I only have this info:


Neither did I. Luckily I could find him just by typing his first name into Google :grin:


Because that’s what the IndexTron3000™ says, of course.

Great song, Guga!
Glad you posted it.


I’m at work… I am not googling that blond stripper/model/whatever!!!


He is/was a model who is most famous for being depicted as the “dream man” on countless romance novels. And he is also on the cover of an NES game (which is where he held that sword for).

Frenzie´s comment made me take a look at his youtube channel.


Don’t worry, you won’t find anything weird on page 1 of Google’s search results :wink:


Just lots and lots of abs in all their shirtless glory.


Wow Guga, look at what you have done… :rofl:


I’m not talking about Google Images, just regular Google :wink:




You’re not about to blame Guga for us all going off-topc, are you? :wink:


Right, leave “Bald Fabio” out of this!


Well… it’s time for a secret.
My real name isn’t Zak.
My real name is…
… is…



page 34, on the other hand… :crazy_face:

but it’s ok, I got enough info from @milanfahrnholz

… a bit too much info perhaps. I knew you are a Nintendo boy and I’m cool with that…
but romance novels?!? And countless, no less!