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Guga plays Monkey Island


By the way, I’ve just been reading the nicknames thread that Sushi posted a link to. The last sentence of your post… am I interpreting it correctly?? :hushed:


See, I got that one. Not explaining it but silently enjoying its sublime quality.

Sure, I had to read them to know of their existence. :roll_eyes:


It really is??

That was you, right? (@milanfahrnholz can you confirm the abs with your previous study?)


Completely irrelevant fact: We Germans call these books “Nackenbeißer” (= “bite in the neck”). :nerd_face:


Why would he censor himself?

I think you mentioned that before. I love that name. :slight_smile:


I am not even sure I got that one. It could have been 22 or 57 just as well. But yeah, sure: 34! :man_shrugging:


Google “rule 34 definition”, while you’re not at work


Oh, so it was a “happy little accident”!


Look up “Rule 34” to know the significance of your number and why it is funnier in that context than you probably thought.


but not at work (just in case)! :sweat_smile:


no of course not! …ahehrm… Totally went for that…

*grabbing my phone, switching of WiFi and going to the kitchen…*


I don’t know, but I think so :smiley:





Two out of three ain’t bad


I interpreted it to mean, you actually changed your name in real life… :smiley:
(if that’s correct, then wow… that’s awesome.)


Yes, that’s true, I did that.
If you’ll come to see me in the place where I live, you’ll see many people who say hello to me using Zak: “Ciao Zak”.
I use my real name only with my parents and, of course, on official documents.


OK! :joy:
got it!

Although with all that Ransome DLC inspired stuff not nearly as shocking as I expected. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :

I was suggesting the same basically already. If Zak had to come up with a headline here: “Comic Coincidence or Creepy Clearvoyance?”


Fabio is a pretty common name in Italy :stuck_out_tongue: and that Fabio is almost unknown in Italy, despite being Italian.