The Dark Room - a live-action text adventure show!

On Tuesday I’m going to see - or should I say, play - the Dark Room, a live-action text adventure!
I’ve been waiting for over a year for the show to arrive somewhere near me, so I’m really excited!

Oh, and it’s Ron Gilbert approved. :sunglasses:

Have any of you been to something like this before?


No, unfortunately. But it sounds fun. :slight_smile: Please report!

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I only followed it over live stream once and it was fun!

This was from AdventureX 2016:

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I’m back! And I had a great time!! :blush:

Five players are chosen to try to escape the Dark Room. As you ponder your options, the gamemaster watches you with a maniacal grin. The further through the game you progress, the sillier the options get. And when it’s all over, everybody gets to chant ya die, ya die, ya die!!!

There’s plenty of interaction with the audience. If you try to hide in the corner, you will get spotted. :grin:

And at the end, as the trailer says, is the Democracy Round, where everybody yells out the options they want at the same time. A perfect, chaotic end to the show!

@PiecesOfKate - and anyone planning to visit the UK in the future - keep an eye out for upcoming dates here, as I would highly recommend the Dark Room. 10/10, would ya die! again.


Thanks, I’ve been curious about this. Sounds like you enjoyed it :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been a bit reluctant to try it in case it’s a bit too ‘silly’ - is there enough of a puzzle element as well as the humorous bits? Also this bit

makes me nervous :laughing: how involved do they make people? (I get that’s kind of the point though!)

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It’s more of a comedy show. Most of the time there’s no way to tell which options will get you killed. One player apparently lasted for 20 minutes at a past show, but the longest play-time last night was five minutes.

Well, when he was walking around looking for the next player, twice he chose a person that was very obviously trying to ignore him :stuck_out_tongue:

For audience interaction, he’ll react if somebody shouts something out while he’s talking. Sometimes he’ll talk to a random person at the front of the room. He also commented on one guy who had a really funny laugh.

If you fancy more game, and less anxiety, go to and register with your email. You’ll be sent a single email in August that says, “the game is out”. :grin:

Okay, I got ya. I think now that I understand it a bit better it sounds quite funny! Is it expensive?

No, it was only £12.50 :smiley:

Oh wow!

Do you live in London, or nearby? There’s a few dates coming up at the Soho Theatre…

Oh cool, yeah think I know where that is. Might be a good event for a birthday or something.

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