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Hints for LucasArts games


I followed the instructions, because I don’t cheat.


Whatever rocks your boat.


I loved you waited! :heart_eyes: I didn’t even remember it!

…now I feel mean… I saved a huge coal load for you and you didn’t deserve it :cry:


Come on then! Bring it on!


That was metaphorical.


So no coal for anyone tonight? :frowning:

But it´s CHRISTMAS!!!



Well, you know, after all that’s not just a load of coal. There’s more depth in it than one might think at a first glance.


That´s what she said.


You should :sob:



I've got it! It's an anagram for:

Hi, cat leg. Spin! No?



Hey Shane Blacks jokes in Predator aren`t much better either! :man_shrugging:



:grinning: oh right yeah!


Not sure if I should post a link or not…:thinking:


Well I’m curious now. But I might have to watch it without family around.


:flushed: Well, later then…




I do :pensive:

I really think that about The Secret. After I finished the game, back then I didn’t wonder The Secret could be something more than beneath Monkey Island there’s an infernal hideout for ghosts . But probably you won’t click on the blurred text, this time.


I’m only joking :slightly_smiling_face: I just thought it’d be funny to come back and ‘open’ it, heheh.



Why not? She played both games. Secret Of was just a neat title, that`s it really.


Because the last time it was hiding just a spite!