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Hints for LucasArts games


I already survived - well you know- the first 5 King Quest games, both Gabriel Knights, Phantasmagorias and a Laura Bow adventure before. So I can take it.

Do you know about the wonderfully funny “stair quest” game?


I do indeed. It’s been on my list for a while. Hilarious idea, heheh.


Sounds like I´m gonna be playing in on ScummVM. :smirk:

I mean I know it´ll basically play out like this:


Yes but with :100: x more wit. But you might not see that through the tears rage.


I have a high frustration level. I mean I´ve been living through almost 33 years of it…:grin: :sob:


Ohhhh, you haven’t played GF before? Lucky you!


Right, I think your only solution is on a C64 emulator, or if you find the Apple II version, an Apple II emulator, assuming you can get the code. Only legal way is probably on eBay.


Recommended then? I think it’s in our shared Steam library, so could be in the running!

Noted :slightly_smiling_face: I shall have a rummage.


Sushi made it sound like you haven’t played a lot of other LFG/LA adventure games yet:
I recommend every single of them!

GF just happens to be my favourite 3D adventure game of all time. :skull:
Although… it would be more appropriate to wait 352 days before starting a playthrough.


Correct, but very very… very expensive and rare. Unfortunately. Worse than MM or Zak even.
Like this one …

€2000? Really?

Unless you want to get a genuine pirated copy…

That one is only $20. For a “backup” copy? Wait a minute…

Either way, you’d end up downloading the files anyway and put the box /cassette/floppies safely in a museum- where it belongs.

Again, it’s not we wouldn’t like to be able to get our hands on a legal (and complete, well-preserved) copy.
Alternatively, we can also watch a long play video on youtube. (Of a pirated copy probably).



No way, that’s like watching someone read my favourite book! well okay not quite the same


… on a xeroxed copy.


If I happened to have that you actually might be able to persue me (I could make it a weekly thing or something).


Well I still think it’d be tedious to watch you read it in your head :wink:

For a long time it was Dracula, which probably is a safe bet.


I have a german translation of that, would that be weird to hear?


I might play it with you. I’m not looking forward to having no LucasArts adventures left to play though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Silver Surfer can’t even go diagonally. :smiley:


Makes sense he´s constantly fed up with humanity, with games like this.


Yeah so that was not worth waiting for :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait you took the christmas part literal instead of checking after having finished the game? :laughing: