Horror films 👻

Yeah, I’ve heard lots of encouraging comments along those lines :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a feeling it won’t be one of my favourites either. But I really should tick it off my list. I was prompted by an episode of the My Favourite Murder podcast where they talk about the theory that The Exorcist, Poltergeist and Rosemary’s Baby were all cursed :ghost:

I only heard about the Poltergeist one, because so many actors associated with the series have died (most notably the daugthers, one was murdered and the other one got fatally ill), though in most cases it had to do more with age and was many years later. I mean you could technically add Tobe Hooper to that list now…

I saw Richard Donner saying something simliar about The Omen. He said that a part of the crew only barely missed a flight that later would crash, but he added these things happen and people only talk about a curse because it´s a horror movie which they wouldn´t do was it any other genre.

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There are loads with The Exorcist too. All can be explained as coincidence but I still find it interesting.

  • The actor who played the director in the movie, Jack MacGowran, died days after completing his scenes of the flu; he was only 54.
  • The woman who plays the old woman died of natural causes just days after Jack MacGowran.
  • Linda Blair’s grandfather died while the shooting was taking place.
  • Max von Sydow’s brother died the first day of shooting; he played the old priest.
  • Jason Miller, the actor who played Father Karras, has a son that was almost his and killed by a motorcycle.
  • Mercedes McCambridge did the voice of the demon when Linda Blair’s character is possessed. Her son murdered his wife and children and then killed himself.
  • At the premier in Rome there was a 16th century church across the street, and when the people were filing in to watch the movie a bolt of lightning hit the cross on the top of the church and the cross falls off the church and into the plaza. The cross had been on the church for 400 years.

Taken from My Favorite Murderinos blog.

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Well other than Richard Donner I guess William Friedkin doesn´t try to explain those through coincidence because he believes in that stuff (he´s a bit of a nut to say the least).

But no one says the Land Before Time is cursed (this happened to the little girl that voiced Ducky).

Would be interesting to collect these things for non Horror Films, because certainly you can (which is likely for movie projects where there are tons of people involved).

That´s intersting. Many famous ones on there. Do you know of Marcel Petiot? And if not do you want to look it up or should I tell you? :ghost:

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Yeah it would be. Obviously these ones are only ‘spooky’ because of the horror context.

Just looked it up… Blimey. Didn’t know about him. Looks like they cover that in MFM later on - looking forward to that one.

Doesn´t surprise me they have planned that. It´s super disturbing. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!

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Great one on one interview series with some terrific minds of the genre.

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Absolute top recommendation from my side are the Phantasm movies by Don Coscarelli. They are just so weird and out there and get progressivly stranger. Still need to see Part IV and V but I´m finally getting the Blu Ray of the first one this week (coming out for the first time uncut in germany).


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Looks like they’re on Amazon but not included in Prime. I’ll add them to my list though since you recommended them :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here, except part IV (which isn´t there at all) which is the only reason I haven´t seen part V yet.

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However Batman - Mask of the Phantasm is :expressionless:

Haha, yeah. I actually watched that a while ago since I hadn´t seen it since I got the VHS when it was new in the early 90s. I loved the show back then and I´m glad it holds up and considered one of the better Batman things there are. My mother didn´t like me watching it very much though, thought it was too violent.

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I’ve remembered that I have this book

I got it a while ago so it only goes up to 2008, but I thought it’d be a good place to start to tick off some classic horror films.

This is the horror section. I’ve watched 24/95 (I wanted to post the checklist but it’s alphabetical with all genres mixed together).

Let’s see how I go! :loudspeaker:


Okay I try to list those from this that I haven´t seen.

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
The Black Cat
The Butcher
The Cook The Thief, his Wife and her Lover (I know how it ends, though…)
The Dr Mabuse films
Eyes Without A Face
Hour Of The Wolf (Bergman)
The Kingdom (Lars Von Trier)
Masque Of The Red Death (on german amazon prime, though!)
Peeping Tom
Salo (though I´m familar with it and many individual scenes)
The Seventh Victim
A Chinese Ghost Story
The Vanishing
The Unknown

Out of those I consider Eyes Without A Face and Peeping Tom the most glaring ones. That list seems a bit longer than it is because it includes original titles for international movies, too.

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Yeah I realised that after I originally counted 100!

I’m surprised you haven’t seen some of those Poe ones, but not surprised your list is a lot smaller than mine :wink:

The Roger Corman Poe movies are quite decent. We have the bulk of 'em on DVD, some with director’s commentary. :slight_smile:


Well as for the Black Cat I´m not sure which version they refer to, but I don´t think I´ve seen any. And the Masque Of The Read Death (assuming it´s the Vincent Price one) I could actually watch.

This is also a very good overview of must-see ones in chronological order(also includes the Corman Poe movies, those being the only ones I haven´t seen).

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It’s the 1934 Boris Karloff one.


The only problem is it’s so hard to find these - especially without paying extra. I thought The Exorcist would be, but nope.

That is one of the very few older ones on the german Netflix at the moment.

I feel like there’s such a gap for classic films at the moment. Netflix and co seem to think ‘classic’ means the 90s :roll_eyes:

I also should clarify that when I say for free I mean included in subscriptions.