In Memory [Obituary Thread]

So we lost two greats yesterday…

George A. Romero

I still remember watching Night Of The Living Dead for the first time very late on TV on very very hot summer night. I had never seen anything like it before. Remember that this film along with Easy Rider was crucial in kickstarting the american independent film movement of the 1970s, you know the one that amongst others gave us George Lucas. Needless to say that without it there would be no The Walking Dead to binge either.

Then of course there is also Creepshow with, you know the meteor and all that. So Maniac Mansion,too!

Farewell godfather of Zombies!

Martin Landau

From North By North West over Mission Impossible to his oscar winning portrayal of Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood I think the last time I saw him in a film at the theater was the first X Files movie.

But Martin Landau also was in one of my all-time favourite scenes from Get Smart:


Yes, I remember too watching about 15 horror classics in 3 days during a hot summer with my cousin and the first one that started the marathon was “night of the living dead”. Romero was a master in the genre but he got also motived by italian Dario Argento as he confesses in one of his interview for Dawn of the dead.

He got Argento as a script advisor for Dawn Of The Dawn and Argento had final cut on the film in europe while the Director´s Cut was only released in the states. Romeros version has more dialogue and goofy/funny scenes while Argentos version is a bit shorter has more action and more music by his prefered scoring band Goblin.

RIP Harry Dean Stanton

The more I read about Hugh Hefner, the more I get the impression he was actually a terrific guy!

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I remember how happy I was after it was reported he was save after he had been temporarily lost after Hurricane Katrina. He had 12 more years. Hope they were happy!

RIP Stephen Hawking.



We (me included) are using this thread not often as we could.

I´m glad it was resurrected for Hawking.

I’m glad that we don’t have to use it often…

We could though. Many admirable people passed away I never mentioned since I opened this thread.

Which ones for example?

Tobe Hooper
Jerry Lewis
Glen Campbell
Barry Dennen
Jean Rochefort
Malcom Young
David Cassidy
Luis Bacalov
Paul Buckmaster
Ulli Lommel
Jack Ketchum
Dolores O’Riordan
Ray Thomas
Jóhann Jóhannsson
John Mahoney
Rolf Zacher

To name but a few.

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RIP Stephen Hawking.

I noted that his point of view about the future of earth became more and more worried in the last years, more than I could read in articles about his past activity. Even if I share all his concerns about the problems of our planet, I wonder if the intensity and the recrudescence with which he confronted them in these last years was partially influenced by the ending of his mortal life getting closer.

That would be a little selfish. I don´t think he was like that, he was able to see the bigger picture

Hmmm… even if he was selfish, that would be a good way of being selfish, I mean…
“I know I’m getting closer to end, to the point you won’t hear my voice anymore, and I know how my voice is important, so I want to point out that as loud as I can: be careful of earth because you could destroy humanity on it, and I say now louder than I ever said it before”

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Chuck Berry and Malcolm Young.
Almost 60 years after the day the music died, 2017 was the year rock ‘n’ roll died.

Hail hail Rock n Roll! :metal:t6::metal:t2:


Oh yeah, that anniversary is next year!

I just found out someone I regarded quite highly on Twitter took his life this morning :frowning_face: His handle was @AmayirotAkago - don’t know if anyone on here knows him. He was a fellow retrogamer - I had some fun exchanges with him, and enjoyed his tweets. It makes me so sad that someone can just go like that :frowning_face:

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That´s always awful. :frowning:

The two suicides closest to myself* I wasn´t very close with luckily. Both were girls in their teens. One I had bit more exchanges with than the other because she was the girlfriend of a friend. In both cases everyone explained by going “Oh, the reason was depression…” and then everyone just moved on.
That´s both long ago, but yeah. Sucks.

*well technically there was the father of one of my aunts, as well as a cousin of a friend. But I never met either of them.