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Horror films 👻


That´s pretty much the reason why I started collecting movies a couple of years ago, because they weren´t on TV anymore, also not on streaming and there is still a lot you cannot see otherwise. Well that and because I realised that DVDs and Blu Rays only cost half as much as VHS did back then (I never could have afforded a VHS collection).


I find it odd today that some DVDs are really cheap while others seem to be inexplicably expensive - and there’s no obvious distinction. I guess maybe it depends on demand.

I was a little ‘sad’ to see the full X-Files series on sale for £30 in a shop the other day, sniffle. I remember paying £50 for one series on VHS, and that was ‘cheap’.


Also I just watched Rubber. I’m not sure I can even comment.


For ages this was on my “movies to watch” list, but I could never bring myself to sit down and watch it… is it any good?

I just saw “A Quiet Place”, which I thought was excellent


Rubber? I never heard of that.

Killer Condom however, is a rare german b horror movie…



I wouldn’t say I collect movies, but yeah, streaming is as ephemeral as TV. It’s just potentially slightly more convenient.


Same! I’d say it’s mostly what I expected, but perhaps even nuttier. I’m all for weird films and ones that don’t explain anything, but I’m struggling to think of one weirder than this.

On reflection though I did really like it, and there’s some really good dark humour behind it. The opening is also hilarious.

Id recommend it for something a bit different, and to tick it off your list if it’s been on there for a while.

Darn it, I really need to see that - so many people have praised it. I might have to lump the rental cost.


That’s one classic horror movie with a lot love that I didn’t get. Tall man is great, killer balls are great, I love the indy spirit that made this movie possible through lots of great little tricks. I admire the job director did to make this look cool. But the movie as a whole seemed terrible to me. Despite this I think I saw part 2 and 3 at least.


I’ve seen it years ago and I thought Red Mask was the best of the Corman movies (Poe’s short story also kicked ass). I hope you won’t be watching that with German dubbing : )


It is definitly not for everyone, and that might be what I like about it. It feels artsy and trashy at the same time. I also admire it for being so drastically different. The Tall Man is NOT the devil nor is he ever assumed to be, there is also no priest or excorcist with an easy solution on the way, just a bunch of guys trying blunt violence because that is the only thing they know how to do. And in the end it doesn´t help them. Yes the acting is weak and the story has lots of holes in it, but it is really unlike anything in the genre in so many ways. I also love the sequels. Second one is like Evil Dead like fun splatter and the third introduces Mad Max elements out of nowhere, I love it! :slight_smile:

Was unfortunatly the only option on amazon. That is their big disadvantage to Netflix. :frowning:


The style was distinctive but I didn’t think it was very different. It’s still just a boogie man story with typical heroes. There was this part when the guy looks into Tall Man’s realm and I thought that was fantastic, sadly they didn’t explore this angle.

Anyway, as for being trashy, Polish title of Phantasm is something like “(Small) Killer Balls”, I must admit the translator nailed the trashy part.


That other place (which is not really hell) appears a bit more in the sequels, though. I like that they leave it vague what it might be though. Another dimension, whatever. In the third movie they even theorise if the Tall Man might be from a another planet. And even that is left open. I still need to see part four and five, though.

I love the super simple design of the “doors’” of that gateway also. Works really great with so little.

Also I wouldn´t call Reggie a typical hero. He more often than not gets himself into even more trouble, especially if he´s after women at the most unappropriate times.


I can’t disagree because I hardly remember anything from 2 and 3. I read an an interview with the director in a book on horror filmmaking and he made much bigger impression on me than his movies. I should probably give it another try someday.


He also made Bubba Ho Tep and John Dies at the End as well as an episode of Masters Of Horror. His biggest commercial hit might have been Beastmaster.


I liked Bubba a lot but I haven’t seen the rest.


:film_strip: The Exorcist
Watched this last night. I wasn’t expecting to like it much but really did. All the hype made me think it would be stupid and over the top, but it really wasn’t.

The beginning is slow, but the ominous build-up is great. It’s refreshing that they just show you things instead of stopping to explain it. It’s also a very human story, not monster-led which I’m not so keen on.

(spoiler) And it just ended after they ousted the demon, instead of, surprise! It’s back!

I also thought the make-up was really well done as it was so subtle - the way Reagan’s face gradually changed at the start, and also making Max Von Sydow look 70-odd when he was 44!

Definitely glad I watched this one.


I always use this as an example along with Alien and Halloween that back in the day the best movies started slow, because in all of them nothing spectacular happens the whole first hour! They´re all slowburners but not boring because important stuff happens in those moments leading up to their respective climaxes.

I also don´t think for me it is the effects work best for me (although are really good and I love the part when they discover “Help Me” being scratched on Regan´s belly obviouisly from the inside!) but the way the demon plays with the knowledge he has and regrets over the dying mother. That is some heavy psychological stuff!


In retrospect, yeah. I think my knee-jerk reaction to that was ‘oh typical’, but that’s the problem with seeing those films for the first time years later.


I think I like stories in general where characters are haunted by the past, like Don´t Look Now.